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Lee Foster Celebrates the Beauty of Utah’s Kanarra Creek Slot Canyon in Via AAA Magazine

Kanarra Canyon Utah

The beguiling play of sunlight on the red rocks of undulating Kanarra Creek Canyon in Utah intrigues many visitors who come to this nature-rich state.

The Kanarra “slot” canyon, so named because it is narrow, is near Cedar City, adjacent to Zion National Park, and is considered by many to be one of the loveliest natural environments in Utah to experience.

Lee Foster’s photo in the July-August 2013 issue of Via magazine on page 16 celebrates the beauty of Kanarra Canyon.

The photo and an accompanying Chris Woolston article “Five Things We Love: Cedar City, Utah” is also online for Via at

The photo depicts Lee at the final end of the slot canyon, 4.4 miles up the creek, at a waterfall beyond which there is no access. Earlier waterfalls have rope and log bypasses along the walls of the canyon for the adventurous who wish to proceed.

Every hour of the day and every day of the year present a different scenario of salubrious light on the red rocks of Kanarra Canyon. Aficionados of Utah beauty tend to return to Kanarra Creek for further visual meditations on the joy of nature.

Via magazine goes as a printed magazine to 3.2 million housesholds in Northern California and various Western States. As publishing strategies evolve, Via magazine now makes its content available on the Internet to the public.

Lee developed the photo in 2012 while on a visit to the Cedar City area as part of a travel writer gathering for the Western Chapter of the Society of American Travel Writers.

Lee’s own detailed portrait of the Zion-Bryce area, including the Kanarra Creek hike, can be seen on his website at

That report also runs on the Uniglobe Travel Agency site at

Previously, following the trip, Lee provided a photo of the panoramic red rock landscape at Cedar Breaks, Utah, for the March 2013 issue of the Southern California AAA Magazine, Westways.

(These comments and the photo can be seen on Lee’s website at

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