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Lee Foster with Chinese-translation print book edition of his Northern California Travel: The Best Options

Lee Foster California Travel Guide Book/Ebook Published in China (In Chinese)

My California travel guide book/ebook Northern California Travel: The Best Options, translated into Chinese, has recently been released as a printed book in China.
Lee Foster talks at California Writers Club in Sacramento

The Gradual Empowerment of Modern Writers/Authors: How Writers/Photographers Can Market and Monetize Successfully Today

I was asked recently to talk about the revolution in modern publishing at the California Writers Club in Sacramento. As I looked out at the 40 writers/authors in the audience, I realized with new clarity that the main reality in our rapidly changing publishing world is “the gradual empowerment of writers/authors/photographers,” especially from about 2005 to the present.
Travel Journalists Discuss Monetization At Satw Portland Oregon Conference

Travel Journalists Discuss Survivability and Profitability

We had a lively discussion in Portland, Oregon recently at a meeting of the Society of American Travel Writers on travel journalist survivability and profitability.
Changes in Website appearance

How to Make Money from Your Website and Other Products

(This is a panel organized by Lee Foster for the SATW 2017 Portland Convention) Lee Foster will lead this panel of members creating profitable travel...
China: The Terracotta warriors of Xian, Tomb of Qin Shi

Prominence of Amazon, Energy of China

The prominence of Amazon and the energy of China struck me forcibly this week. My publisher in China is selling the Chinese translation of my books, in Chinese, on Amazon China and now also, in Chinese, on our USA Amazon site.
California, San Francisco Alamo Square

Travel App Author Lee Foster Answers Questions about his San Francisco Travel & Photo...

Questions have been asked about my new travel app on San Francisco, now available from Apple and Google. Here are some answers, following an earlier announcement.
Northern California Travel - The Best Options a book by Lee Foster

A Tale of Eight Books: What My Books Are About, Why I Wrote Them,...

A reader recently asked me for a short explanation of my main books, indicating: What is this book about, why did you write this book, and how is this book produced and marketed? Here is my answer, "A Tale of Eight Books."
Lee Foster’s book in Chinese on sale in China on Amazon China

Lee Foster Publishes Second Book in China in Chinese

My Chinese publisher has just come out with the ebook translation of my travel/literary book Travels in an American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time. This is my second book in Chinese.


Lee Foster presents here for consumers and for editorial buyers more than 500 of his award-winning destination travel write-ups, plus photos or slide shows...
Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco, California

Lee Foster’s California Travel Guidebook Released in China in Chinese

Lee Foster’s main California travel guidebook, Northern California Travel: The Best Options, has been released in China in Chinese.