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These write-ups earned for Lee Foster one of the highest awards in travel journalism. He was named Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year, Silver Winner, by the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation. He has also won seven other individual Lowell Thomas awards for this content.  Lee has published many of these articles in major magazines.

In addition, BATW (Bay Area Travel Writers) presented Lee with its special award, the Rebecca Bruns Award, to honor “Outstanding Achievement.”

Lee now has 18 books/ebooks on his Amazon Author Page.

The most recent books/ebooks are:

An Author’s Perspective on Independent Publishing: Why Self-Publishing May Be Your Best Option, about the “independent publishing” movement, with advice for potential authors;

Minnesota Boy: Growing Up in Mid-America, Mid-20th Century, the re-publishing of Lee’s literary memoir;


Northern California Travel: The Best Options, a detailed travel guidebook, now available as a printed book, ebook, and as an ebook in Chinese.

One of Lee’s projects for 2016-2017 will be updating his

Northern California History Weekends: 52 Adventures in History

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Lee Foster
Foster Travel Publishing
1623 Martin Luther King
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Phone: 510/549-2202
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Lee Foster Short Bio Summary:

Lee Foster grew up in Minnesota, went to Notre Dame, and then proceeded to Stanford for his graduate work in literature. There he decided to pursue a life of creating his own books, rather than an academic professorial path of books about books and teaching the gifted young. Lee has published 18 books of fiction, non-fiction, travel. See them all on Lee’s Amazon Author Page. Lee offers travel writing/photography to consumers and to content buyers (for licensing) on 250 worldwide subjects on his website, and is a specialist on his home territory of Northern California. Lee lives in Berkeley, CA, and has been a publishing innovator. He was one of the first to embrace the Online, then the Internet, and finally the App world. Lee has summarized this record in a recent article, Moments in the Electronic Publishing Revolution: A Participant’s Journey.

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