By Lee Foster

The destructive energy of religious hatred, so major a force in our time, struck me in Yugoslavia, when I was there at the start of an earlier conflict, as Christians and Muslims began to slaughter each other. Listen as William Dougan narrates Chapter 22 “Yugoslavia: The Legacy of Religions” from the audiobook version of my book Travels in an American Imagination.

Yugoslavia, The Legacy of Religions

The photo illustrating this chapter in the book/ebook is of Dubrovnik, a lovely city on the Croatian Coast for the former Yugoslavia. yugo-350

Here is more detail about the entire book/ebook/audiobook:

Lee Foster’s Travel Literary Book Released as Audiobook

Lee Foster’s travel literary book, Travels in an American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time, has been released as an audiobook.

Cover of Audiobook
Cover of Audiobook

Here is a sample audio of the five-minute Introduction, as narrated by voice professional William Dougan.

The new audiobook is distributed by Audible, the central distribution source for more than 150,000 audiobooks. From Audible, the book is distributed on Amazon, which also carries the book as a printed book or ebook. Audible distributes the book through the other key vendor, iTunes. The print book is additionally available on Lee’s website. The ebook version can be found at all major ebook retailers. Bookstores and libraries can get the printed book through Ingram. The book will be published in Spring 2015 in Beijing as an ebook in Chinese.cover at 200 wide for Travels in an American Imagination

The audiobook is described on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes as follows:


Is our era both the most wondrous and the most horrific time ever to be alive in the history of the human race?

Award-winning travel journalist Lee Foster thinks so. His audiobook, Travels in an American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time, consists of 25 essays, in which Foster evokes a place in his worldwide travels and then addresses the spiritual geography of our era.

Foster’s work has won eight Lowell Thomas Awards, the highest accolades in travel writing, including him being named Travel Journalist of the Year (Silver Winner). More than 200 of his worldwide coverages can be seen at

Foster believes that modern life is defined by the constant media or actual-life barrage of polar positive and negative experiences on the average informed person. Those seeking an inner peace need to balance these assaults on their sensibilities through a deeper understanding of the current human drama.

He suggests that a balanced perception of modern life, with sufficient imagination, can enable a modern person to live in a healthy, constructive manner and not be overwhelmed by pessimism or despair.

Foster views modern life with an unflinching clarity. For example, in his chapter “Brazil: The Decline of the Environment,” he describes the experience of walking in a perishing rain forest with its irreversible loss of species. Yet Foster contrasts this encounter with the wondrous, as in the chapter “Canaveral: The Adventure of Space Flight,” in which he celebrates that we put a man on the moon, no small feat, in his lifetime.

The book won a Best Travel Book Award from the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association.

The audiobook was produced by Becky Parker Geist of Pro Audio Voices, with voice professional William Dougan as the narrator, and cover by Andy Parker. The Introduction and the 25 chapters are all about five minutes each. Price of the 2 hours 25 minute audiobook is $6.95 or discounted, as the vendor may choose.

For further information, contact:
Lee Foster
[email protected]

Here is the Table of Contents for Travels in an American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time, plus a free audio sample of the Introduction:


(Listen to an audio sample, the complete Introduction, at Introduction)Final-Foster-Cover-150

1. Oakland: The Rapid Pace of Change

2. Jerusalem: The Loss of Faith

3. Bali: The Search for Community

4. Minneapolis: The Sense of Place

5. Mexico: The Tentativeness of Love

6. Utah: The Joy of Family

7. Orlando: The Importance of Friends

8. Amsterdam: The Intrusion of Tragedy

9. Beijing: The Experience of Being a Minority

10. Brazil: The Decline of the Environment

11. Los Angeles: The Age of Entertainment

12. Oslo: The Refreshment of Art

13. New York City: The Effects of 9-11-01

14. Mojave Desert: The Mystery of Time Passing

15. Mesa Verde: The Anasazi’s Meaning of Life

16. Denali: The Beauty of Nature

17. Cape Canaveral: The Adventure of Space Flight

18. Galapagos: The Passions of the Biologists

19. Egypt: The Accomplishments of Man

20. Berkeley: The Little Things I Appreciate

21. Honolulu: The Sensuality of Life

22. Yugoslavia: The Legacy of Religions

23. Hong Kong: The Accumulation of Wealth

24. Nashville: The Urge to Create

25. Kenya: The Prospect of a Long Life



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