Book Celebrating California National Parks is Free To The Public

California: Yosemite Valley, view from Inspiration Point

By Lee Foster

A lavish new full-color 128-page book celebrating California’s National Parks is now available free to the public as a downloadable PDF at http://batw.org/publications/.

A print version of the book at a break-even production cost can be ordered for $27 plus postage from the same website.

Title of the new book is Travel Features & Photos: California’s National Parks, Monuments, Trails, Seashores and Historic Sites.BATWbookcover-300

The book is a creation of the Bay Area Travel Writers (BATW.org), the main group of travel journalists in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Two main goals converged to create the book. First, BATW wanted to encourage interest in the state’s national parks in the 2016 Centennial Year celebrating the founding of the national park system. And second, BATW wanted to showcase and advertise the diverse writing/photo talent of its members, who retain ownership and can license their writings and photos appearing in the book.

Thirty-eight travel journalism professionals in BATW contributed 46 articles and 200 photos for the book.

Subjects considered for the book included any entity administered by the National Park Service, which includes many subjects beyond “parks,” such as SS Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty Ship in San Francisco or the Empire Mine in the Gold Country.

I provided the cover for the book, showing a couple walking through Muir Woods. I also presented an essay on the “superlative” trees of California, meaning the truth that the tallest, most massive, and oldest living things on the earth happen to be trees and happen to be in California. My photos illustrate my article.

This article subject is one of my favorite California travel recommendation. See a PDF of my article as it appears in the new book. See the article in a parallel manner on my website and in my book Northern California Travel: The Best Options.

This BATW project was guided capably by BATW Co-Presidents Suzie Rodriguez and Laurie McAndish King.

Design of the book was by the talented Jim Shubin of Destination Insights, after selection and editing of content by Georgia Hesse and Bob Cooper.

California: Yosemite Valley. View from Inspiration Point
California: Yosemite Valley. View from Inspiration Point