Minneapolis celebrates its Aquatennial and Summer Arts festivities, honoring the 10,00 Lakes, with a parade, the Nicollet Mall Block Party, and many summer cultural efforts, including drama at the Guthrie Theater.
California's Napa Valley Wine Country attracts visitors because of its wine tasting at over 100 major wineries, the beauty of its small and well-proportioned valley, the fascinating history of visitors such as Robert Louis Stevenson, and its adventurous possibilities from ballooning to mud spas, a faithful geyser to a petrified forest.
The importance of friends in our modern world and the mysterious dynamic of what creates lasting friendship is the subject of Chapter 7 in my book. Listen as William Dougan narrates Chapter 7 “Orlando: The Importance of Friends" from the audiobook release of my travel literary book Travels in an American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time.
Caribbean soft adventure travel to the three U.S. Virgin Islands--St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix--can include snorkeling, hking, sailing, biking, and kayaking.
Many in the writer community now ponder strategies for improving our blogs and websites as writers, authors, and publishers. Several of us present on these subjects at publishing events.
A two-week Alaska Grand Tour could take a visitor to Anchorage, Denali, Fairbanks, Juneau, Glacier Bay, Skagway, and Sitka. Part of the trip would be by cruise ship and part by bus tour.
Summer visitors come each year to Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska, mainly by cruise ship, to experience the glaciers and the wildlife., such as humpback whales.
Those of us who live in the Bay Area of California experienced the Earthquake of October 17, 1989 as a frightening and immediate event.
If you want to experience the best-of-the-best fine art culture available during a San Francisco visit, put the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park at the top of your must-do list.
Planning my trip to Los Angeles put me in the director's chair, requiring decisions mu ch like those that face any filmmaker. I wanted action, adventure, and most important, a happy ending that would leave me looking forward to making a sequel during a future visit.
A touring and tasting visit to the Bordeaux Wine Country of France can take you to the Medoc, St. Emilion, and Grave-Sauterne vineyard areas. Start in Bordeaux at the Maison du Vin, House of Wine, and arrange chateau touring appointments.
One of the great travel pleasures of Monterey, California, today is that its Monterey Aquarium enhances so superbly the area’s earlier legacy of nature attractions. The Aquarium presents the wonders of the sea, such as fish in a huge kelp forest, as a diver would experience them offshore. This wonder, so thoroughly scientific and precise, does not need enhancement with amusement park attractions.
Google asked me to participate with Local Tips on the San Francisco segment of its new product, called Touringbird, now covering 20 worldwide cities.
I am releasing here the content in my new travel ebook/app SF Travel & Photo Guide in ten alphabetical “clusters.” Each cluster will have 12 sections of the total 120 in the app. This is alphabetical release 3 of 10.
My new book on self-publishing is now out as a printed book and an ebook. I am also releasing here its first five chapters, one per week, as a partial website book.
New York City seems as resilient as ever, perhaps aided by the city's basic exuberance and vitality.
Santa Barbara is an argument that an American city can achieve an overall architectural harmony, elevating the city itself to a work of art.
The marvel of space flight is surely one of the most wondrous aspects of our modern world. It is amazing to think that only 66 years passed between the first halting flight at Kitty Hawk and man's first step on the moon. On a visit to Cape Canaveral, your imagination can lift off, as have so many adventuresome rockets.
The ongoing reality of terrorism worldwide is now a daily factor in our lives. Occasionally, we may think back on that fateful day in New York 9-11-01 when the first major terrorism shock of the new century occurred.
Mt. Hood is the loveliest of the Cascade chain of extinct volcanoes in Oregon.While touring, see the Hood River Valley, lumbering at Elkhorn, and the Timberline Lodge.
Brawny Vancouver, with its huge container port, and sedate Victoria, with afternoon tea at the dowager Empress Hotel, illustrate the contrasting appeals of British Columbia's major cities.
Silicon Valley's High Tech Heritage is the story of the computer and the technology revolution affecting the world. The story comes alive at the Apple Park Visitor Center and at three great museums in California’s Silicon Valley.
The oldest living things of Earth are the Bristlecone pine trees in the White Mountains of California, east from Bishop.
Could the travel destination guide app, a genre that flourished for a few years and then declined, make a comeback? Lee Foster thinks it will. He has just released his new and improved app San Francisco Travel & Photo Guide: The 100 Top SF/Bay Area Travel Experiences.
The sea lions of Pier 39 and the popular Aquarium of the Bay, celebrating all the Bay creatures, help make Pier 39 one of the most visited attractions in San Francisco.