Lee Foster’s new travel guidebook is Northern California History Travel Adventures: 35 Suggested Trips
Washington DC tourism continues to renew itself, just as the country also experiences a major shift of political power. Two new attractions make Washington DC more relevant and appealing than ever.
Jamaica offers travelers the option of Port Antonio's authenticity vs Ocho Rios' modern all-inclusive resort comfort. Both have reggae music and jerked meat.
Increasingly, a travel consumer will need to react to the concept of “green” when traveling in 2008.
I realize you may consider this a ghoulish exercise, but I am writing to request your assistance in preparing my obituary. I wish to get my affairs in order.
Big Basin Redwoods State Park is where the movement to save California's coastal redwoods began.
Watching airplanes land and take off at Gravelly Point/Roaches Run near Washington National Airport

Air Flight Delays

Over the New Year I had an opportunity to experience just how vulnerable airline travel is to the weather.
What are the oldest living things on Earth? The current consensus is that they are trees, the bristlecone pines, in the White Mountains of California, east from Bishop. Stop at the Schulman Grove Visitor Center.
Google asked me to participate with Local Tips on the San Francisco segment of its new product, called Touringbird, now covering 20 worldwide cities.
A notorious stretch of Coast Highway 1 immediately south of San Francisco, known as Devil’s Slide, has been transformed into a glorious part of the California Coastal Trail.
If you want to experience the best-of-the-best fine art culture available during a San Francisco visit, put the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park at the top of your must-do list.
There is much discussion nowadays about the phenomenon of crowdsourcing, meaning the increasing number of publications that generate their content for free from the users.
I am reminded of how some of our favorite travel destinations are celebrated for their relatively changeless year-round pattern (Hawaii is the classic example) and how others (such as Washington DC) offer a major seasonal variation in travel experience.
The prospect of a long and healthy life is a joy and a gift, made possible by my circumstances, nutrition, and genetics. The Kenya tribes people I met when making this photo were doomed to a significantly briefer length of life. A possible long life is a special aspect of life in our time.
Oaxaca and Huatulco Mexico show the ethnic richness of southern Mexico and a lovely seaside resort environment. See Oaxaca's cultural monuments, its modern arts and crafts, and its rich colonial heritage. Then escape to the Pacific coast resort area of Huatulco.
Here is my list of A Few Good Restaurants Berkeley, Oakland, East Bay California. From time to time, let us pause for culinary reflection on the restaurant joys of modern life. Let us appreciate both the creativity and the brutal repetitive hard work required to succeed in the modern restaurant scene.
Lee Foster won an SATW Muster Photo Competition 2012 Silver Award for a New Zealand photo of a young woman modeling "wearable art." Lee's award was in the Portrait Category.
An advance copy of my new San Francisco travel book has been air shipped to me from Malaysia, and I am impressed with the quality of the color printing. Countryman Press printed my parallel new book, about Washington DC, in China, with equally good results. How these countries can produce such books so economically is a marvel to contemplate.
It is always exciting for me to approach a city I know well, such as Portland, with a new concept. Portland fancies itself as "The City of Makers." What does this claim mean?
The sea lions of Pier 39 and the popular Aquarium of the Bay, celebrating all the Bay creatures, help make Pier 39 one of the most visited attractions in San Francisco.
The Caribbean boasts 30 different island countries, each with its own identity and cultural history to explore. Curacao, Grenada, Martinique, St. Thomas-St. John USVI, and the Bahamas are a sample of the possibilities.
The sun often sets with stunning beauty over San Francisco Bay, raising a question: where should you go to enjoy and celebrate it?
I am rediscovering the California Gold Country as I ramble Highway 49 and update my book chapter titled “One Lucky Day at the Sawmill: How James Marshall Discovered Gold at Coloma.”
Via AAA has just published my 7 Best Photo Ops in the West. Via presents travel content to the 5.7 million members in its NorCal club.
Does Your Travel Journalism WordPress Website Need a Refresh in 2018? The issue is relevant for all Writers Journalists Authors. About 40 journalists gathered in Berkeley to discuss the matter.