Our universal and unquenchable desire for love and romance has a profound effect on each of our lives. Listen as William Dougan narrates Chapter 5 “Mexico: The Tentativeness of Love" from the audiobook release of my travel literary book Travels in an American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time.
The free audiobook website presentation is now complete for my book Travels in An American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time. You can now listen for free to each of the 25 chapters of the book, narrated by the talented audio professional William Dougan,
The simple joy of a Cable Car ride in San Francisco is something every visitor should consider.
When the coronavirus fears abate, a visit to Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra will again emerge as a major summer road-trip outing in California.
I am posting some excerpts from my memoir about growing up in Minnesota, titled Minnesota Boy: Growing Up in Mid-America, Mid-20th Century. This post is about the toughness of my ancestors, who settled Minnesota.
I advocate these 10 Best Practices for Modern Author Survival, especially with reference to independently published (indie) books, such as my Northern California Travel: The Best Options and Travels in an American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time.
I am releasing here the content in this new travel ebook/app in ten alphabetical “clusters.” Each cluster will have 12 sections of the total 120 in the ebook/app. This is alphabetical release 6 of 10.
California's state capital, Sacramento, is a major historic city to visit, and the interesting way to get there is a drive through the Delta. In Sacramento, see historic Sutter's Fort and the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. In the Delta, see the Chinese town of Locke and drive scenic Georgiana Slough out of Walnut Grove.
One of the pleasures of Mendocino is the arts community. Walk around town to visit the art galleries and studios. Maybe there will be a show opening during your visit.
King Kamehameha favored the sunny west side of the Big Island of Hawaii, the Kona and Kohala Coast.
Lee Foster's favorite recommended places to view and photograph in the San Francisco area are Baker Beach, Conzelman Road in Marin, Crissy Field, a walk in Chinatown and North Beach, and at Muir Woods.
Reno emerges like a shimmering mirage as your plane approaches or after you drive through the Donner Pass in the Sierra from California to Nevada.
"California's Redwood Country" will be a welcome perennial getaway once again for many travelers when the coronavirus constraints diminish. This article is one of 30 chapters in my travel guidebook/ebook Northern California Travel: The Best Options. Folks who love California travel are not just locals and other U.S. citizens. This book is now available also as an ebook in Chinese  and as a print book in Chinese. All my Northern California travel guidebooks/ebooks can be seen on my Amazon Author Page.
Bermuda entices visitors with its pink sand beaches, well-established resorts, mild summer temperatures, and intriguing British-American history. The island is close-by in the Atlantic, upscale and clean, with a well-educated populace and much natural beauty.
Monterey was California's first capital, before the Gold Rush.
Easter Island, off the coast of Chile, presents haunting sculptures, called moai, that celebrated ancestors and became a symbol of local pride. The island, called Rapa Nui, saw a collapse of its human culture because the building of these sculptures eventually degraded the environment.
I was parking my car recently at the Safeway in the Rockridge area of Oakland/Berkeley when I happened to glance up at the power pole near the street and watch as a graceful raptor swooped in.
The Florida Everglades National Park is a slow-motion river, only a few inches deep but 50 miles wide and a hundred miles long, America's greatest wetland ecosystem. Among things to see and do, consider Marco Island, Everglades City, kayaking and canoeing, reading Marjory Stoneman Douglas' The Everglades: River of Grass, Flamingo, and the Anhinga Trail.
Lee Foster is one of 2,494 writers who received checks for a total of $9,456,000 this week to resolve the Copyright Class Action case.
I am posting some excerpts from my memoir about growing up in Minnesota, titled Minnesota Boy: Growing Up in Mid-America, Mid-20th Century. This post is about Minnesota American values.
The success of the Beijing Olympics is likely to have many profound and far reaching effects on world travel.
Should your book/ebook publishing trajectory be with traditional publishers, or should you go “independent,” meaning a venture into self-publishing? Or should you consider both for different books? Lee Foster does both and knows the pros and cons of each approach. In his travel book field, Lee has a major new book in 2013 with one of the top traditional travel book publishers, Dorling Kindersley, titled Back Roads California. But Lee has also published a new “independent” book, Northern California Travel: The Best Options. Why would he pursue these seemingly divergent visions?
Denmark presents the traveler with an intriguing mix of civilized pleasures in Copenhagen and grand castles in a green countryside outside the metropolis, both north in Zealand and west on the island of Funen.
Downtown Napa City offers a satisfying Napa Valley California travel experience.
I had a chance recently to renew my acquaintance with the Mendocino Coast, refreshing myself on what an engaging and important segment it is on the California travel map.