The town of Sonoma and the Sonoma State Historic Park reflect the genial presence of Mariano Vallejo. In the transition from Mexican to American rule in California, he was skillful enough to flourish under both regimes. You can visit his house today.
Minnesota Boy by Lee Foster

What Might Have Been

Every four years it hits me, right around election time. Maybe it hits you too.
Sarah Winchester, the heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune, built a 160-room mansion in San Jose, partly because she was obsessed with the process of building and partly because she had a disposable income of $1,000 a day.
Tiburon is an engaging place to consider visiting when you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area. This small town lies on the north side of the Bay.
The Caribbean boasts 30 different island countries, each with its own identity and cultural history to explore. Curacao, Grenada, Martinique, St. Thomas-St. John USVI, and the Bahamas are a sample of the possibilities.
The rugged Big Sur Coast, south of Monterey, presents one of the most exciting scenic drives in California. See Point Lobos, Garrapata Beach, the Bixby Bridge, Point Sur Lighthouse, Andrew Molera Park, Pfeiffer Big Sur Park, and Nepenthe.
Lee Foster’s travel article on Palm Springs won a prize in the 2014 Western Chapter Writing Awards sponsored by the Society of American Travel Writers.
Las Vegas attracts with appeals far beyond gambling, including upscale resorts, spectacular entertainment, fine dining, and spas. Both the Strip and downtown Fremont Street have their fans. The Mob Museum, the zipline hovering above Fremont Street, and the Neon Museum are among the newer attractions. .
I am posting some excerpts from my memoir about growing up in Minnesota, titled Minnesota Boy: Growing Up in Mid-America, Mid-20th Century. This post is about the toughness of my ancestors, who settled Minnesota.
Lee Foster’s life as an author is the subject of a half-hour TV show in the Get Lit TV Series hosted by Peter Crooks, editor of Diablo magazine, for Walnut Creek TV.
As every life unfolds, there will occasionally be the intrusion of tragedy. This is the human condition, and when tragedy occurs, it is unexplainable, unfair, and simply must be accepted with sadness. Listen as William Dougan narrates Chapter 8 “Amsterdam: The Intrusion of Tragedy" from the audiobook release of my travel literary book Travels in an American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time.
The record snowfall in January 2010 made a winter sports trip to Tahoe an irresistible opportunity. Here are some details on what is new and interesting now, and looking into future years. I started at North Tahoe.
The story of Junipero Serra's mission at Carmel, California reflects many of the influences that the Franciscan leader had on the Golden State.
John Steinbeck's house in Salinas and the National Steinbeck Center two blocks away acquaint a traveler with the life and novels of this literary icon, who wrote the classics, The Grapes of Wrath and Cannery Row.
While many adventurers were drawn to California in search of gold nuggets, some discovered that the true gold was to be found in agriculture. No agricultural product was pursued with more passion than the growing of grapes and the making of wine, especially Cabernet wine in the Napa Valley.
Yosemite's Wawona is the story of the great National Park's historic hotel and the nearby giant sequoia trees that attracted people to visit the region.
I am releasing here the content in this new travel ebook/app in ten alphabetical “clusters.” Each cluster will have 12 sections of the total 120 in the ebook/app. This is alphabetical release 5 of 10.
I became aware of the virtues of bamboo as a “green” architecture material recently at a lodging in Marin County, California, known as Inn Marin.
The Mendocino Coast intrigues visitors and ranks as one of California’s loveliest and most popular coastal areas. It takes a while to get there, and the road in, Highway 128, is one of California’s more pleasing back-country routes.
There are still plenty of “nuggets” in the cultural stream for the modern traveler venturing into the Northern Gold Country of California along Highway 49, after leaving I-80 at Auburn and heading north.
The loss of religious faith has been a noteworthy aspect of my life and that of many of my contemporaries in our secular modern world. Fortunately, we have not attempted to replace our lost faith with some extreme views, as in the ISIL pageant now unfolding.
A travel trend we are all experiencing continues to advance: many kids in the U.S. are now growing up with virtually no experience of nature and the outdoors.
The Autodesk Art Gallery in San Francisco is one of the revolutionary art presentations in the world today.
I have published a detailed article about writer/author monetization in the new “self-publishing” era.
My new book on self-publishing is now out as a printed book and an ebook. I am also releasing here its first five chapters, one per week, as a partial website book.