I realize you may consider this a ghoulish exercise, but I am writing to request your assistance in preparing my obituary. I wish to get my affairs in order.
If you can plan to be in San Francisco in the first half of October on any given year, Fleet Week is a major event to consider enjoying. This year the main events were on the second weekend of the month. I’ll be back next year.
Travels in an American Imagination - The Spiritual Geography of our Time by Lee Foster

Travel and Time

As I write this on a Friday night, I am sitting on the deck of my condo on the upper half of a house in Berkeley. Next door, the Ethiopian couple, with their kids now in college, has moved out and rented their house to a cluster of graduate students. The young people are having a party, about 25 in attendance in the back yard, and there is a spirit of fun, laughter, music, encounter, sexuality, cuisine, and conversation.
A travel trend we are all experiencing continues to advance: many kids in the U.S. are now growing up with virtually no experience of nature and the outdoors.
I had a chance recently to renew my acquaintance with the Mendocino Coast, refreshing myself on what an engaging and important segment it is on the California travel map.
I am reminded of how some of our favorite travel destinations are celebrated for their relatively changeless year-round pattern (Hawaii is the classic example) and how others (such as Washington DC) offer a major seasonal variation in travel experience.
The free audiobook website presentation is now complete for my book Travels in An American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time. You can now listen for free to each of the 25 chapters of the book, narrated by the talented audio professional William Dougan,
The joyful sensuality of life, with all its sexual, taste, sight, hearing, smelling, and feeling intensities, has always been epitomized for me by Hawaii.
My new book on self-publishing is now out. Here is Chapter 3 (of 10), titled “Why Independent Publishing Today and Tomorrow May Be Your Most Viable Option.”
A book and an article of mine recently won Society of American Travel Writers Awards.