The El Paso Texas Mission Trail, near the El Paso/Juarez border, provides a fascinating glimpse into four centuries of Mexico/U.S. immigration, trade, and cultural exchange.
Isle Royale, our island wilderness National Park, lures visitors both for its seen and unseen attractions.
A major monumental sculpture to the horse, occupying a significant place on the American artistic landscape, can be seen at a remote location--Ruidoso, New Mexico.
AAA and Mobil rank more destination resorts in higher categories in the Phoenix-Scottsdale region than from any other region.
Nothing captures the magic of Alaska better than the adventure of flying across the vast wilderness in a small bush airplane. Consider flying Fairbanks to Anaktuvuk Pass in Gate of the Arctic, plus Denali National Park around Mt. McKinley, and then with Ketchum Air to remote fishing lakes near Anchorage.
Jamaica offers travelers the option of Port Antonio's authenticity vs Ocho Rios' modern all-inclusive resort comfort. Both have reggae music and jerked meat.
For a 10-day excursion in Israel, here is a possible itinerary, based first in Tel Aviv and then in Eilat on the Red Sea. From Tel Aviv, explore Tel Aviv itself, including the old port of Jaffa. Then drive north to the Roman ruins of Caesarea and east to Galilee, stopping at Nazareth. On another day proceed east from Tel Aviv to the Ayalon Institute and the Sorek Caves. Then visit Jerusalem for a day, starting on the Mount of Olives. Then change your base to Eilat and stop at the mountain fortress of Masada and the Dead Sea on the way. In Eilat, enjoy the Red Sea and travel to the Petra ruins in Jordan. For a final day, traverse the Negev Desert, seeing the science intellectual center Be'er Sheva.
Winter explorers in the Canadian Rockies can absorb the scenery around Banff, Jasper, Sulphur Mountain, Vermillion Lakes, and the Icefields Parkway. Cross-country skiing in possible at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. One good downhill area is Goat's Eye at Sunshine.
The annual January Brackendale Eagle Festival in British Columbia can include a rafting trip through one of the densest clusters of bald eagles on Earth. Raft down the Squamish River to see the eagles, perched in trees as they gorge on chum and coho salmon that swim up the river to spawn and die.
Striking salmon-colored rock formations, including the greatest density of natural stone arches in the world, draw appreciators of erosive desert beauty to Arches National Park in eastern Utah.
I decided to take my family of five in an RV from our home near San Francisco out to see Salt Lake and the five National Parks of Utah, plus Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.
The Rocky Mountaineer train offers a luxury railroad trip through western Canada from Vancouver to Banff Lake Louise, traveling by daylight to see the scenery.
Mexico entices with one of the great rail adventures on the planet. Starting from the coastal city of Los Mochis , the train—the Chihuahua-Pacifico Railway or Chepe, climbs into the mountains to the Copper Canyon, larger than the Grand Canyon.
If you plan a ski trip or adventure outing for next winter, don't overlook Alaska. February in Anchorage is an option with some surprising attractions. Alyeska downhill skiing, cross country at Kincaid Park, the Fur Rondy or Fur Rondezvous, Eskimo Blanket Toss, Fur Auction, Crafts Fair at Egan Center, Pioneer Pancake Breakfast, Northern Lights, and Alaska Zoo are all good things to experience.
A traveler who wishes to understand the songwriter tradition of modern American culture will find one window allowing a glimpse in Nashville, Tennessee.
Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State intrigues with its white summit of glaciers, its volcanic legacy, the Paradise Visitor Center and Longmire family heritage, and the hiking and climbing opportunities as a visitor circles the mountain.
Bermuda entices visitors with its pink sand beaches, well-established resorts, mild summer temperatures, and intriguing British-American history. The island is close-by in the Atlantic, upscale and clean, with a well-educated populace and much natural beauty.
Canada's English-speaking capital Toronto and its French-speaking capital Montreal present the two cultures of the country. Travel between them by Via Rail train, and then go beyond to the pure French-speaking city, Quebec City.
I came to Boston to walk its celebrated Freedom Trail, marching all the way up to Bunker Hill to re-awaken in myself the fervor of the original dream of freedom that sparked the American Revolution.
Crater Lake National Park might be called the tour-de -orce national park. It is Oregon's great one-act play, a volcanic crater left over from a major eruption.
Arkansas promotes itself as "the natural state," but it can now also say it's the state of the political natural, Bill Clinton. Among its natural resources are Hot Springs National Park and the lakes and woods in the Ouachita National Forest.
The hard work that human beings perform around the globe to survive and provide for their families has always seemed to me epitomized by the industriousness of Hong Kong.
Caribbean soft adventure travel to the three U.S. Virgin Islands--St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix--can include snorkeling, hking, sailing, biking, and kayaking.
Mexico's Mazatlan offers the traveler ample beaches, lively restaurants, plus a major traffic in art and crafts from throughout Mexico.
If you like to imagine cross-country skiing (or alpine skiing) at different areas around the nation, sooner or later you'll focus on Colorado.