A cruise to the western Caribbean can take you on shore excursions to the Mayan ruins of Altun Ha in Belize, the Rainforest Aerial Tram canopy tour outside Limon in Costa Rica, and to the canal and Panama City in Panama.
The Caribbean is the world's most popular cruise region, due to its sunny weather all year, its proximity to North America, and its many interesting island destinations.
Many potential travelers yearn to see and understand what a tropical rain forest is all about. Small nature-oriented cruise ships offer a way to visit the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica's west coast, including Curu, Corcovado, Manuel Antono, and Cano Island.
The Wind Spirit ranks as an upscale small ship, and it's a great way to cruise the Caribbean.
As we meditate beyond the 500th anniversary of Columbus's accidental encounter with the New World, consider following me to the historical spot where he first came ashore--San Salvador in the Bahamas.