To the Navajos, the terrain of Utah's Capitol Reef National Park was "the land of the sleeping rainbow." To pioneers and prospectors, thinking nautically, the ridges were like a reef, and the domes were like the Capitol in Washington, D.C.
The universal desire of families to have joyful travel experiences together is the subject of Chapter 6. This chapter raises the issue by recalling how my family (mom, dad, and three kids) experienced an RV trip through the National Parks of Utah. Listen as William Dougan narrates Chapter 6 “Utah: The Joy of Family" from the audiobook release of my travel literary book Travels in an American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time.
Salt Lake City attracts visitors because of its Mormon culture, started by Brigham Young, and its resulting cultural achievements, especially in Temple Square. There a visitor can hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choice and learn about the long Mormon trek west. Mormons were a major force in settlement of the Western U.S.