Lee Foster is part of several journalism communities. He is involved in improving the overall professionalism of journalism and publishing. The purpose of this is to enhance the experience of the consumer who comes into contact with higher-quality writing/photography.

Lee often gives professional development talks to journalism groups. Some of these talks are indicated below and can be perused by the interested public. A request is made for a contribution/donation to support this instruction.

The groups are:

SATW, the Society of American Travel Writers, This is the main umbrella group for travel journalism professionals in the United States and Canada. Lee has been on the faculty of SATW’s annual Institute for Travel Writing and Photography. Lee was one of the founders of the Institute many years ago. The Institute is now in hiatus as SATW contemplates whether its future should be a physical meeting or an online webinar instruction system. If and when the Institute emerges again, Lee strongly encourages anyone interested in the field of travel journalism to attend and become immersed with some top travel journalists, who cover all aspects of the field. The sessions appeal both to beginners and to veterans who want close one-on-one access to the noted faculty. Lee has instructed on travel photography, Internet publishing, and other relevant subjects.

BATW, the Bay Area Travel Writers, This is the regional group of travel journalists in Lee’s area. It has emerged in recent years as a leader in the industry, partly because there is so much creative energy and publishing innovation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lee has given talks to this group.

ASMP, the American Society of Media Photographers, This is the main national group of photographers advocating for photographers’ rights. The Northern California Chapter has been vigorous, with monthly meetings often offering outstanding professional development opportunities. The reason for this, again, is that the Bay Area of California is such an incubator of innovation. Lee has spoken periodically to this group, especially at its annual travel photography night or when the discussion turns to new forms of communication, such as self-publishing.

BAIPA, the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, This group nurtures people who want to publish their books/ebooks independently, as Lee has done. The group meets monthly in Novato to discuss developments. Lee has spoken at their annual publishing “university” in the past and at their monthly meetings, from time to time. This group is for folks who want to learn about all aspects of independent publishing.

Lee’s current thoughts on publishing are all contained in his book/ebook titled:

An Author’s Perspective on Independent Publishing: Why Self-Publishing May Be Your Best Option