Travel and Publishing Journalism Colleagues

As an aspect of his Community in the world of travel and publishing journalism, Lee Foster wishes to celebrate some of his fellow journalists.

Often people ask Lee, “Who are some of the trusted travel and publishing journalists whose work you would recommend?” Here is a beginning list, which is just a start and will grow. The colleagues are listed alphabetically, along with a website reference to their work. Lee knows these people and believes they serve the public well in their travel and publishing reportages, books, photos, and videos.

Christopher Baker is a leading commentator on Cuba and Latin America, in his books, print, and broadcast efforts.

Marybeth Bond is an expert on adventure travel and girlfriend getaways.

Bob Bone is a veteran newspaper travel writer with a wide range of insightful coverages and a book out on his career.

Bea Broda is a leading travel videographer from Canada with numerous video clips.

Tom Brosnahan is the go-to guy if you want to travel to Turkey, covering all aspects on his web site.

Laura Del Rosso is a contributing editor to Travel Weekly, blogger and author of Great Escapes: Northern California. Her work can be found at

Bill Fink works skillfully in the major magazines, especially with his Tahoe and wintersports coverages.

Joel Friedlander has become a major spokesperson for the “self-publishing” vision, commenting from his website/blog and his books, and assisting with his template and other products.

Sandra Friend is an acknowledged expert on Florida hiking, publishing on the web and in her books.

Don George has led the travel journalism efforts at many responsible entities, from the San Francisco Chronicle to Lonely Planet. Search for his work now at National Geographic Traveler.

Kim Grant has multitasked at a high level of competence, nurturing her travel guidebooks, her apps, and the flock of writers she acquired for Countryman Press and Sutro Media. Watch now for her Bindu Media next steps.

Georgia Hesse brings major wordsmithing and wit to her writing, which you can sometimes catch in the San Francisco Chronicle, whose travel section she founded.

Spud Hilton has few peers in the art of crafting a travel story. Search for his work in the San Francisco Chronicle at

Bob Holmes is one of the most talented and versatile shooters in travel photography today, as well as a gifted writer.

Durant Imboden has the leading travel planning web site if you want to travel to Europe.

Carole Terwilliger Meyers is expert on travel for families and couples, especially in her book on Northern California.

Karen Misuraca has a major golf travel web site as well as numerous, insightful books on California. She now focuses also on “sustainable” travel and “deep culture” travel.

Tim O’Keefe is a talented writer/photographer focused primarily on book and magazine coverage of Florida and the Caribbean.

David Page writes eloquenty about Yosemite and the Sierra from his base in Mammoth Lakes.

Ann Purcell is a highly competent freelancer editor as well as a leading travel photographer for the Corbis photo agency, with wide geographic coverage.

David Sanger is a gifted travel photographer, known for his poetic book on San Francisco Bay. He now puts his attention in “peaks” in California, publishing images on his hiking experiences.

Veronica Stoddart has retired after many years as Editor for travel at USA Today. 

David Swanson is an acknowledged expert on the Caribbean. You’ll see him in many magazines and newspapers, starting with Caribbean Travel and Life.

Bruce Whipperman has been the dominant guidebook author for Mexico, with Moon/Avalon books, ranging from Puerto Vallarta to Oaxaca.