Travel Journalism Instruction

As part of his outreach in his various travel journalism communities (see Community), Lee gives professional development talks from time to time.  The purpose of these talks is to improve the competence of his fellow travel journalists.  The public benefits when they are better served by more professional travel journalists.

Here are some of Lee’s talks and commentaries in the recent period. Anyone interested in modern travel journalism may find them intriguing.

The instructional articles are:

Entrepreneurial Travel Publishing

Apps and the Future of Travel Journalism

The Ebook Publishing Revolution

Columns on Apps and Ebooks

Strategies for Travel Journalist Survival in the Internet Age

Visions of a Modern Travel Journalism Web Site

Selling Travel Photography Today

Photo Apps and Photo Books: Is there a photo app in your future?

Independent Book Publishing Today

Beyond instructional articles, there is a nostalgic memoir piece:

Moments in the Electronic Travel Publishing Revolution: A Participant’s Journey

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