Lee Foster’s travel article on Palm Springs won a prize in the 2014 Western Chapter Writing Awards sponsored by the Society of American Travel Writers.

Lee’s article won a Silver Award. The article is titled “California’s Palm Springs Desert Area” and can be seen at


The judge wrote, “This piece reads like a chapter from a guidebook—the kind you want to keep with you while traveling because it leads you by the hand. It’s a comprehensive, authoritative overview of the Palm Springs area with depth and rich in details. The writing is succinct and unpretentious. Within a few pages, it packs useful commentary about the area’s history, geology, geography, attractions, architecture, lodging, restaurants plus side excursions. It seems to have all the info a reader needs for a satisfying visit.”

The awards were announced at the annual meeting of the Western Chapter, this year at Mammoth Lakes, CA.

SATW is a leading professional group of North American travel journalists and travel public relations members, with about 1,200 members.


  1. Shelly,

    Thanks for your note. Fortunately, it is easy to do a printout of any of the 200 worldwide articles on my website.

    At the top of my articles, there is the little print icon. Click on it and you will see, lower right in the presented article, the Print command.

    It is even possible to print sections of my new “book” Northern California Travel: The Best Options. See Norcal in the black bar near the top of my page. Click on that and your will see all 30 chapters of the book, as they appear in the book. Some consumers, rather than beating their printers to death and buying printer cartridges, decided to invest in the inexpensive ebook edition on Amazon or elsewhere (at $3.99 or less) or the printed book (at $14.95 or less).

    Lee Foster


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