I’ll be talking tomorrow at BAIPA about “Monetizing Your Book Content.” Drop by to learn more.

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How to Monetize Your Book Content More Effectively

Morning Speaker Presentation: 11am to 12:15pm
Afternoon Workshop: 1-3pm
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(General meeting begins at 9am, speaker presentation is at 11am, after Q&A,
networking time, introductions & announcements)
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Lee Foster photoBAIPA member Lee Foster will talk on “11 Top Tips for Monetizing Your Book Content (both your words and photos).”

Lee will bring his considerable experience in book publishing (some eighteen books, including four indie) to a discussion of how you might monetize your book content more effectively in 2016. Monetization is a main theme in the recent revision of Lee’s latest book, An Author’s Perspective on Independent Publishing: Why Self-Publishing May Be Your Best Option.LeeFosterSelfPublishingBookCover

Lee will begin with an inspirational moment of the “book launch day” on which a publisher wrote him a check for $28,000. Could that happy event be repeated in 2016 with an indie book? He will describe the ever-changing basics of how to get your book successfully organized and distributed as a print-on-demand book and e-book.

Then Lee will invite you to consider your book content as a possible “website book.” On your website, your book content can be presented to worldwide consumers, who may be happy to endure ads rather than buy your book. Google Ads are a start, but private ads and sponsorships could follow.

The more books you have, the more likely is your survival. Your social media efforts can focus on drawing people back to your website, where people can buy your book in its three forms (printed, e-book, and website book—with consumers tolerating ads to “buy” your content.)

Lee will then encourage you to take your book content to where your potential customers hang out. The commuter who spends an hour trapped in a car will only “read” your book if it is an audiobook. English is an important language, but not the most popular world language. There is a larger language group to consider, and that is Chinese. Lee gets payments every month for his book translated and published in Chinese.

Ironically, Lee has earned more income from other uses of book content than the sales of printed books or e-books. That income has been made possible partly because of Lee’s “website book” presentations. The income comes from “licensing” of book content and from “major assignments” related to his book content. Lee will describe some practical examples. Could this happen to you?

Lee will close the “word” aspect of his presentation with something inspirational and wonderful, which could happen to you. When your content is digital, it can go “viral” for your profit. Lee has had viral sales of one of his travel app products and earned substantial income. One of his recent website posts also went viral and has had more than 128,000 views.

Lee’s 11th tip, after his 10 tips for “words,” will draw you into the parallel universe in which he also flourishes, selling a different content element—photos. Lee has had his photos in every major U.S. travel magazine and newspaper, and in more than three hundred Lonely Planet travel books. His profit from Lonely Planet alone on photos has been more than $200,000. Could you sell photos, even as you create beneficial photo illustrations for use on your website and in your books? Lee will describe the four aspects of modern photo marketing you will need to know, including the worldwide stock photo agency that would be open to your submissions.


Lee Foster's Book on Self-Publishing
Lee Foster’s Book on Self-Publishing


  1. Lee, your presentation at BAIPA yesterday was educational and filled with points we can employ today to monetize our books. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!


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