Fort Point, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California
Fort Point, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Lee Foster’s website/blog has won an award in the annual BATW (SF Bay Area Travel Writers Best 2017 Travel Writing and Photography Awards.BATWaward2017-350

Awards were given by BATW in seven categories: Travel Book, Magazine Travel Article, Newspaper Travel Article, Internet Travel Article, Website or Blog, Travel Photography, and Broadcasting.

Lee Foster’s website/blog won the Bronze Award in the category of Website or Blog.

Judge Kim Grant described the website/blog as follows:

“Lee Foster’s blog bursts with Northern California-specific content not readily found under another single roof. His depth of research and accrued expertise is impressive.

At heart, each article is an eminently readable story infused with local color. His narratives are straightforward, full of engaging details that bring a place or experience alive.

Lee unearths tidbits of colorful history that provide context for our travels, that help us pause beyond the seemingly-mandatory selfie taken from Angle Island or at Chinatown’s gate. Learning about San Jose’s mission and pueblo, side by side with Silicon Valley’s high tech heritage, enriches both. His content provides travelers a chance to become better world citizens: By highlighting what has come before, we may understand and appreciate what is in front of us.

As a practical matter, each of Lee’s articles also calls out best times to visit, what not to miss, where to stay and eat in the area, and where to go for more information. He has left no stone unturned.”

Kim Grant is Founder and Editorial Director of (

See Lee’s four Northern California books/ebooks on his Amazon Author Page.
See Lee’s books/ebooks
on his Amazon Author Page and in Independent Bookstores

San Francisco and Northern California are prominent in my books/ebooks. One is titled The Photographer’s Guide to San Francisco. My main book/ebook on Northern California is Northern California Travel: The Best Options. Those volumes, including some more on California, can be seen on my Amazon Author Page. My further books on Northern California are Back Roads California and Northern California History Weekends. One of my California books, Northern California Travel: The Best Options, is now available as an ebook in Chinese.

Fort Point, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA.
Fort Point, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA.


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