Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View Yosemite National Park by Lee Foster a Photojournalist
Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View Yosemite National Park by Lee Foster a Photojournalist

By Lee Foster

I am happy to report that my Column/Blog on www.fostertravel.com won the Gold Award in the annual writing award competition of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) Western Chapter.

The awards were announced at the annual meeting of SATW Western Chapter, this year in Brno, Czech Republic, on 5-12-18.

The competition in this category (1 of 10 categories) was open to Columns/Blogs in magazines, newspapers, and websites.

My win was specifically for a blog/column on the developing travel scene in Portland, Oregon, as I described its “makers” movement. See this at

Portland, City of Makers


I also updated an earlier, broad Portland coverage at



Several sample Columns/Blogs were required, so my other entries were:

The December Holidays/Christmas in San Francisco, from 12-15-17


The Glorious Pacific Flyway, from 12-7-17


My blog/column is published weekly and usually concerns California Travel, Worldwide Travel, or Publishing. Viewers can sign up at www.fostertravel.com to receive an email notification of the new weekly blog/column.

My design person for this blog/website is Jeffrey Samorano, from WPinOneClick.

The list of winners in 10 categories, as announced by Chapter Chair Christine Loomis, were as follows:

We had a record number of entries this year in 10 categories!  Once again, University of Missouri School of Journalism staff were our judges.

The winners are:

1. International

Gold: Jill Robinson 

San Francisco Chronicle: “Quest for the Gray Ghost: Tracking the Snowleopard in Ladakh”

Silver: David DeVoss

Asia Times: “Bali Primitive Bali Aga Are Bubbling”

Bronze: Lydia Shrandt 

USAToday 10Best: “Hamburg’s Music History is Hidden”

2. U.S. Travel 

Gold: Bob Howell 

National Geographic Traveler: “Home on the Range”

Silver: Kerrick James 

AAA EnCompass: “Following the Puebloan Path”

Bronze: Mindy Poder

Travel Age West: “The Curious Case of the Kaktovik Polar Bears”

3. Travel tips

Gold: Spud Hilton

San Francisco Chronicle: “The Guide to Surviving in the SFO Metropolis”

Silver: Christine Loomis

Corporate & Incentive Travel:  “On the Road Alone”

Bronze: Mindy Poder 

Travel Age West: “What is a Tahitian pension and why you should rent one?”

4. Travel Trade

Gold: Karin Leperi 

Global TravelerUSA: “On the Safe Side: Plan a strategy for doing business in dangerous places.”

Silver: Kari Bodnarchuk

Boston Globe: “Food science takes flight”

Bronze: Mindy Poder

Travel Age West: “The Instagram Travel Agents: Stories of Success”

5. Family/Multigenerational (2 awards)

Gold: Christine Loomis

“Oscar’s Dreamland,” a chapter in TheBest Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 11

Silver: Larry Habegger

San Francisco Chronicle: “Cycling and Biking County Mayo, Ireland’s Wild West”

6. Food (2 awards)

Gold: Ashley Biggers

New Mexico Magazine: Does it matter where your chile was grown?

Silver: Yvette Cardozo

Real Food Traveler: “Richmond, BC’s Hole in the Wall Eateries”

7. Nontraditional

Gold: April Orcutt 

BBC Travel: “The protectors of Canada’s sacred islands”

Silver: Skye Mayring

Joan Jetsetter: “St. Kitts is basically history with a view”

Bronze: Christine Loomis  

USA Today 10 Best: “This luxury safari in Africa is what travel dreams are made of”

8. Best website (2 awards)

Gold: Karen Misuraca


Silver: Colleen Lanin


9. Columns/blogs

Gold: Lee Foster

Foster Travel Publishing, for a series of Portland columns

Silver: Dan Leeth

Denver Post, for a series of columns

Bronze: Spud Hilton

San Francisco Chronicle, for his series of columns

10. Adventure/Health/Fitness

Gold: Steve Larese

Via: The Gift of Adventure: Hiking the Grand Canyon’s Most Dangerous Trail,

Silver: Kari Bodnarchuk

Boston Globe: SWIMRUN: A growing sport

Bronze: Christine Sarkis

SmarterTravel.com: “A Calistoga Mud Bath: Like Being Buried Alive, But Good”





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