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I am happy to share with you the announcement that my main travel guidebook on California, Northern California Travel: The Best Options, has been released in China in Chinese

Although we think of the world as English-centric, it is humbling to realize that 1.35 billion people read and speak Chinese, making it a larger language use on our planet. It could be argued that China is also now the most prosperous country on earth, partly because China is now (or will soon be) sending more outbound travelers into the world each year than any other country. My Chinese publisher believes that the Chinese are now highly curious about the outside world, and that California will be one of their favorite subjects.coverchinese-300

My Chinese publisher is also working on the translation of a second book, my travel literary book Travels in an American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time. This is a book about a world citizen, me, looking at 25 places on the planet and internalizing that we live in both the most wondrous and the most horrific time ever to be alive. My publisher feels that the emerging Chinese citizen shares these concerns and may enjoy this second book as a meditation on our modern reality. Below is a more detailed announcement on these developments.

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Lee Foster’s California Travel Guidebook Released in China in Chinese

Lee Foster’s main California travel guidebook, Northern California Travel: The Best Options, has been released in China in Chinese.

The book is now available in several structures in China, with one of the most accessible being Amazon China at The Chinese publisher chose to change the earlier cover of the book, showing Lee Foster’s image California poppy wildflowers, the state flower, to a widely recognizable travel icon, one of Foster’s photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.screenamazonchina-300

The book has been available as a printed book and ebook in Amazon USA at and on Lee Foster’s Amazon Author Page at The book’s 30 chapters are also presented as 30 articles in a “website book” on Foster’s primary website at

The entrepreneur behind the Chinese translation is a young woman in Beijing named Runa Jiang. She is the CEO of a company called Fiberead. Her vision behind the name for her company is that “fiber optics” will eventually transform the world, bringing a better “reading” and cultural experience to countless people.caption300wide-Foster-Norcal-front-cover

“This California travel guide book is just right for the new Chinese traveler now exploring the world,” notes publisher Jiang. “China will soon be sending more of its citizens on world travel than any other country. Northern California is one of our favorite destinations, due partly to the major historic migration pattern of Chinese into America through San Francisco.”

Publisher Jiang is equally enthusiastic about her second acquisition among Foster’s books, which is currently being translated. That is Foster’s travel literary book, Travels in an American Imagination: The Spiritual Geography of Our Time. In the book’s 25 literary essays about his worldwide travels, Foster describes how we live in the most wondrous and maybe also the most horrific era ever to be alive. The book exists in the U.S. as a printed book, an ebook, and also recently as an audiobook (

“This thoughtful book about being a world citizen is perfect for our Chinese audience today,” says publisher Jiang. “We Chinese are now focused on our place in the world. Chinese citizens have emerged from relative isolation to become major players on the world stage. We are thinking a lot about how wondrous and horrific the world is in our time. We want to go out and see it for ourselves, as Lee Foster did.”

Author Lee Foster appreciates the opportunity his partnership with Fiberead presents.

“I’ve always been excited about the dynamism of modern China,” says Foster, “starting with my first visit there in 1990. Even then, there were millions of highly-educated and motivated young people in Beijing and Shanghai. I knew they would transform their country and our world in positive ways. I’ve been impressed with how conscientious and thorough these translators have been, checking in with me weekly in the past year, as they strive to transform my American English expressions and concepts in the books into their language.”

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The Chinese Publisher:

Runa Jiang
[email protected]

The Author:

Lee Foster
Foster Travel Publishing
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