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One of my favorite San Francisco articles for in November was about San Francisco 49ers Football. The team ended the regulation seasons with a shot at the playoffs. I witnessed the final regulation game at Candlestick Park, soon to be replaced with the new Levi Stadium in Santa Clara. The game was an epic battle.

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Memories of past great teams, resulting in Super Bowl victories, inspire today’s San Francisco 49ers Football fans and assist them in dealing with the quirky ups and downs of the team in each season.

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Here are some comments on my overall role with as their San Francisco Travel Expert:

Lee Foster Completes 80 Articles as Contracted San Francisco Travel Expert

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San Francisco’s Mavericks Surfing Competition
The coast immediately south of San Francisco affords a winter wave phenomenon that has inspired the Mavericks Invitational surfing competition, drawing elite world-class surfing competitors from around the globe….(more)

San Francisco’s Bayside Town of Tiburon
Tiburon is an art-focused town across the Bay from San Francisco, easily accessible by a ferry trip on the Blue and Gold Fleet boats. Visitors enjoy Tiburon as a fun place to walk along the Bay, dine outside by the water, and shop on quaint streets. …(more)

San Francisco Bay’s Rosie the Riveter WWII Memorial
San Francisco celebrates the huge national World War II effort that emanated from this region at a special Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historic Park across the Bay from San Francisco in Richmond….(more)

San Francisco Area’s Oldest Winery is Buena Vista in Sonoma
San Francisco has been the heart of the California wine world historically and will remain so. Where were the first great commercial California wines produced? Answer: At Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma….(more)

Hornblower’s Green Hybrid Boat to San Francisco’s Alcatraz Prison Island
Hornblower Cruises and Events ferries 1.5 million National Park Service passengers from its Pier 33 location out to the infamous Alcatraz Prison Island in San Francisco Bay annually. Now, they ferry with a “hybrid” boat. …(more)

San Francisco’s Old-Growth Redwoods at Muir Wood
Viewing magnificent redwoods is high on the list of desired goals for many travelers to California, and San Francisco is the gateway. Very close to San Francisco, just north in Marin County, is a remaining old-growth 559-acre redwood gem, known as Muir Woods….(more)

How to Photograph San Francisco
Almost every visitor exploring San Francisco has one quest among others, which might be expressed as: “I want to get some good photos of my San Francisco adventure. How can I photograph San Francisco more effectively?” …(more)

San Francisco’s Fior d’Italia Italian Restaurant
When culinary passion in San Francisco nudges a visitor or local to seek out authentic Italian fare, it would be an error to overlook Fior d’Italia. Fior dates back to 1886 and calls itself “America’s oldest Italian restaurant.”…(more)

San Francisco Bay Area’s BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) for Transportation
The BART or Bay Area Rapid Transit is the highly functional underground metro system that snakes along underneath Market Street and then proceeds south all the way to the San Francisco Airport and east on four separate lines to the East Bay….(more)

San Francisco’s Retired Candlestick Park Sports Stadium
On December 23, 2013, 53-year-old Candlestick Park in San Francisco ended its sports stadium life. On that night the San Francisco 49ers squeaked by the Atlanta Falcons near the end of the 2013 football season….(more)

San Francisco Beach Chalet Restaurant and WPA Murals
The Beach Chalet Brewery and Restaurant, located in an historic building perched on the ocean edge of Golden Gate Park, serves an unpretentious, contemporary American menu and its brewed-on-site ales. As you enter the building, the ground floor is an extraordinary painting showcase of WPA murals….(more)

San Francisco Botanical Garden
The San Francisco Botanical Garden, located in Golden Gate Park, is one of the most diverse botanical gardens on earth, due to the special climate of San Francisco and Golden Gate Park, which is mild, cool, and fog shrouded at times. …(more)

San Francisco Zoo
The San Francisco Zoo aims to connect visitors with wildlife, inspire a delight in and caring about wildlife, and advance conservation efforts, both in California and internationally. Highlighting this mission are a new exhibit on the komodo dragon, an immense reptile….(more)

San Francisco’s Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park
The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park is an iconic aspect of the City, to be enjoyed year around. In the spring months of March and April the lovely cherry blossoms and other flowering plants are lavish. In autumn the maples turn gold and red. …(more)

Light Art Installations in San Francisco
The use of light to create art, at night, with the City as the canvas, has become a major form of artistic expression in San Francisco in recent years. The most dramatic of these installations is Leo Villareal’s The Bay Lights, which lights up the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge. …(more)

San Francisco 49ers Football
Memories of past great teams, resulting in Super Bowl victories, inspire today’s San Francisco 49ers Football fans and assist them in dealing with the quirky ups and downs of the team in each season….(more)

Kayaking San Francisco Bay
Kayaking on San Francisco Bay allows you to skim about in a self-propelled vessel, moving silently past rafts of migrating ducks and savoring the quiet beneath the huge canopy of sky. When kayaking, your upper body muscles also experience a beneficial workout….(more)

Christmas Celebrations in San Francisco
Christmas in San Francisco is a festive time, and can be enjoyed with an abundance of no-cost celebration at three main venues—Union Square, the Embarcadero, and Pier 39. …(more)

Japanese Food at San Francisco’s Yoshi’s Restaurant
While Yoshi’s in San Francisco is well known for its jazz and other contemporary music, the other side of the enterprise is its fine dining Japanese restaurant. …(more)

Bike or Hike the New Eastern Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
The sleek beauty of the signature tower of the new eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge prompts many of those crossing on the roadway to say, “It sure would be fun to bike or walk out this bridge to the new Tower.” Fortunately, that is possible….(more)

San Francisco’s Two Historic Windmills in Golden Gate Park
San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park boasts two historic windmills that once pumped a combined 1.5 million gallons of water a day to irrigate the vegetation of the park….(more)

San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay
San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay on Pier 39 along the Embarcadero is a spectacular introduction for all ages of visitors to the wondrous creatures and habitat of the Bay and Delta environment, a critical ecosystem in Northern California….(more)

San Francisco’s Jeremiah O’Brien WWII Liberty Ship
The restored and operational WWII Liberty Ship Jeremiah O’Brien, open to visitors every day at Pier 45, is a military history treasure. The O’Brien is the only unaltered Liberty Ship still in existence and fully functional, able to operate, exemplifying the 2,710 Liberty Ships constructed…(more)

San Francisco Railway Museum
The free San Francisco Railway Museum celebrates vintage trolleys/streetcars and cable cars, true “museums in motion” that continue to flourish as living and vital modes of transportation in the City. …(more)

San Francisco’s Modern Mission Murals
San Francisco’s Hispanic Mission District hosts a wall-mural art legacy that echoes the great Mexican tradition of mural paintings by Riviera and Orozco. The subjects for the San Francisco murals range from the suffering of humanity to more lyrical expressions. …(more)

San Francisco’s Historic Mission Dolores
San Francisco’s historic Mission Dolores, the oldest building in the City, welcomes visitors who wish to understand the Spanish founding of San Francisco in 1776….(more)

San Francisco’s Fort Point
Tucked beneath the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge is a brick masonry fort from the Civil War Era, known as Fort Point. Recognized as a strategically significant place from the era of Spanish control of California through WWII, Fort Point now enjoys historic site and park status….(more)

San Francisco’s Walt Disney Family Museum
San Francisco’s Walt Disney Family Museum features the life and entertainment legacy of the great director and cartoon/movie innovator. You walk through two levels of rooms in a handsome brick building in the Presidio and watch his life gradually unfold….(more)

San Francisco’s Presidio National Park
San Francisco’s Presidio National Park is a transformed former military base in San Francisco that is now a glorious national park. The Presidio occupies a forested green open space at one of the world’s choicest real estate locations, adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge….(more)

San Francisco’s Embarcadero Shoreline Walk on Piers 1-17
One of the glorious newer walks in San Francisco explores an unexpected “shoreline.” The shore in this case is the “Embarcadero,” which is the Spanish word for place of ship embarkation, between Piers 1 and 15. …(more)

San Francisco Bay Sailing on an Actual America’s Cup Racing Boat
The thrill of sailing on a real America’s Cup racing boat has been a possibility on San Francisco Bay since 2011. The outings are organized by ACSailingSF and take place on the boat USA 76….(more)

San Francisco’s 49 Mile Drive
A city promotional tour, called the 49 Mile Drive, takes a visitor near most of the major attractions of San Francisco. The drive can be completed in about four hours, but allow more time if you want to make stops. …(more)

San Francisco’s Yoshi’s for Jazz and Other Contemporary Music
Yoshi’s is one of San Francisco’s premier music venues where you can listen to contemporary music, jazz and more. The location at 1330 Fillmore Street is a custom-designed site built seven years ago to house a Club, Lounge, Bar, and Restaurant in separate, elegant, spacious, high-ceiling quarters….(more)

San Francisco Helicopter Rides
A helicopter tour across San Francisco ranks highly for its stunning views and unique perspective on the City. Rides begin at $160 from San Francisco Helicopters. …(more)

San Francisco’s Haas-Lilienthal Victorian House
One grand Victorian in San Francisco can be visited and is maintained as a museum to the Victorian period. That special Victorian is the Haas-Lilienthal House at 2007 Franklin Street, built in 1886 as an exuberant and classic Queen Anne structure …(more)

San Francisco’s Alamo Square Victorian Architecture
The Victorian architecture that survived in San Francisco after the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906 amounts to one of the major amenities of the City. One of the loveliest places to see Victorians is Alamo Square….(more)

San Francisco’s Coit Tower
Coit Tower is a landmark viewpoint on steep Telegraph Hill in North Beach. The hill had been used to “telegraph” ships, meaning to signal them to assist in navigation….(more)

San Francisco’s Hyde Street Pier Historic Ships
Nine ships and boats that played a critical role in the maritime history of San Francisco Bay and the West engage a visitor at the Hyde Street Pier, adjacent to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco….(more)

San Francisco’s Huntington Park and Nob Hill
The most select place to live in San Francisco in the late 19th century, before the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906, was known as Nob Hill, the area around the present Huntington Park, along California Street, between Taylor and Cushman Streets. …(more)

San Francisco’s Hallidie Plaza
Hallidie Plaza, where Powell meets Market, is the central crossroads point for a visitor to San Francisco. A well-staffed Visitor Center can acquaint a traveler with the possibilities for exploring the City….(more)

Hiking the San Francisco Bay Trail
A visitor or local who falls in love with the beauty of San Francisco Bay may ask the question, “What if I could hike around the entire San Francisco Bay?” That would be quite an outing, about 550 miles. And yes, San Francisco and Bay Area hiking enthusiasts and political leaders have been at work creating this San Francisco Bay Trail since the 1980s, developing about 330 miles of the trail so far….(more)

San Francisco’s Cafe de la Presse French Restaurant
San Francisco’s Cafe de la Presse French restaurant is one of the city’s most popular and enduring fine-dining options. Whether you occupy one of 20 outdoor seats or 100 indoor seats, it is easy to imagine yourself on the Left Bank in Paris….(more)

San Francisco’s Palace of the Legion of Honor
The Legion of Honor art museum rests on a promontory in Lincoln Park near Lands End in the northwest corner of San Francisco. Views of the paintings and sculptures inside compete with perspectives of the Golden Gate Bridge outdoors….(more)

San Francisco’s Osso Steakhouse Restaurant
The quest for a perfect steak has ranked up there in the realm of culinary challenges for perhaps as long as mankind has both cultivated fire and domesticated large animals. In San Francisco the new player in the competition is the Osso Steakhouse….(more)

San Francisco Fishing from Pacifica Pier
When the urge arises to catch a fish, especially a fish that is safe to eat, locals often advise a visitor to head to the southwest corner of San Francisco and the nearby town of Pacifica, with its 1,140-foot concrete Pacifica Pier. Fishing from this pier is rated as some…(more)

San Francisco’s Summer Outdoor Concerts at Wente Wineyards
When summer travelers to San Francisco long for an evening concert of rock band or jazz music under the stars, possibly with fine dining and wines, they can leave the chilly and foggy city and drive east to Livermore to the annual concerts at Wente Vineyards….(more)

San Francisco Bay Ferry to Oakland and Back
The ferry from San Francisco’s Ferry Building to Oakland and back offers one of the more adventuresome ways to see the San Francisco skyline, the Bay, the new Bay Bridge Tower, the Port of Oakland, and Jack London Square in Oakland….(more)

San Francisco’s North Beach
San Francisco’s North Beach is an iconic Italian neighborhood best explored on foot. Coffee shops and small restaurants, a landmark bookstore, intriguing architecture, and specialty shops, such as bakeries and grocery stores, abound in the blocks around Washington Square, the heart of North Beach. …(more)

San Francisco’s Civic Center
San Francisco’s Civic Center is a grand flat expanse in the center of the hilly city, offering public open space, surrounded by major civic and cultural buildings, most notably City Hall….(more)

San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum
The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco houses one of the great Asian art collections in the world today. Its vigorous exhibit schedule also draws from other prominent collections for special presentations. …(more)

A Walk at San Francisco’s Crissy Field
Crissy Field, a wide swath of grassland and beach alongside San Francisco Bay between the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marina, now amounts to one of the most glorious seaside promenades on the planet….(more)

San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)
San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) boasts an internationally recognized collection of 29,000 works of modern and contemporary art. The museum is temporarily closed until 2016 for renovation, but various outreach efforts now engage the public….(more)

Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay
Treasure Island is a man-made island in San Francisco Bay that offers a visitor extraordinary views of the city skyline and San Francisco Bay. Created from dredged Bay materials for the 1939 Golden Gate National Exposition, the island became a naval facility and now has transitioned to civilian use….(more)

Spectacular San Francisco Views from Conzelman Road in Marin County
What many consider the loveliest views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate occur from elevated Conzelman Road in Marin County. Three turnouts on the road beckon the traveler to pause and savor the scene. …(more)

San Francisco Bay’s Angel Island
Angel Island, the largest island in San Francisco Bay, is a state park with a perimeter road around it, offering both greenery and views to savor. Access is primarily by a ferry from Tiburon. Hiking, biking, and motorized tram touring of the island are possible….(more)

San Francisco’s Lands End
Lands End is a wild and mystical area at the northwestern edge of San Francisco offering stunning views. A new Visitor Center there, with maps, makes it easier for the public to enjoy hikes in the area to see nature, shipwrecks, and San Francisco history, such as the ruins of the Sutro Baths. …(more)

San Francisco’s Cliff House and Sutro Baths
The Cliff House and adjacent Sutro Baths ruins are San Francisco landmarks, now enjoyed by fine-dining enthusiasts and appreciators of San Francisco history. A braised sea scallop entre can be enjoyed in the Cliff House Sutro Restaurant, while watching the birds and sea lions at offshore Seal Rock….(more)

San Francisco’s Hang Gliders at Fort Funston
Many visitors to San Francisco are surprised to learn that there is a lively hang gliding world at Fort Funston on the southwestern edge of the city. Hang gliders launch off the 200-foot sand cliffs, supported by dependable wind, and observed up-close by the public from a viewing platform….(more)

San Francisco’s Farmers Markets
Ever more robust Farmers Markets evolve as attractions for visitors and locals nationwide. In San Francisco the Saturday Farmers Market (8 am-2 pm) at the Ferry Building, or the more abbreviated Tuesday and Thursday markets (10 am-2 pm), epitomize this national movement in the local scene….(more)

San Francisco’s Ferry Building
San Francisco’s beloved Ferry Building, with its iconic clock tower and its critical position at the foot of Market Street, is a landmark that many visitors want to experience….(more)

San Francisco’s Pier 39
Pier 39 is a 45-acre entertainment, shopping, and dining complex adjacent to Fisherman’s Wharf and on the same level as a mega-attraction for San Francisco. From the end of Pier 39 there are stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Bay Bridge. …(more)

San Francisco’s Union Square
Union Square is the first place that comes to mind when a visitor asks about a familiar and central “commons” area known and loved by San Franciscans. Union Square is probably the single most identifiable place in the city. It is a city-block-square area in the center of the city,…(more)

San Francisco’s Hyatt Regency Hotel
Among the great hotels of San Francisco, the Hyatt Regency, located where Market Street meets the Embarcadero, has a special position. The location at 5 Embarcadero Center is one of the most favored in San Francisco, with rooms looking out at the Bay or into the Financial District….(more)

San Francisco Bay Tours with the Red and White Fleet
Getting out on San Francisco Bay to enjoy the fresh air, the sky, the water, the bridge and island icons, and the views of San Francisco is a treat that every visitor to the city should consider. One provider of this service, launching from Pier 43-1/2, is the Red and…(more)

San Francisco’s New East Span and Tower of the San Francisco Bay Bridge
The new east span and signature tower of the San Francisco Bay Bridge (now open) will profoundly impact in subtle ways every traveler and every local in the San Francisco Bay Area. …(more)

San Francisco Sourdough French Bread
The pleasure of the special tangy, sour taste in a baguette-style of bread that developed in San Francisco has become part of legend. The place to experience this gustatory phenomenon at the source is Fisherman’s Wharf, home of the Boudin Bakery and Restaurant….(more)

San Francisco’s Crookedest Street Lombard
San Francisco’s beloved Crookedest Street, which is Lombard between Hyde and Leavenworth, defies most expectations about streets. Most streets consider it a virtue to proceed straight between Point A and Point B. The Lombard section that is zigzag took a different approach….(more)

San Francisco’s Alcatraz Prison Island
The notorious federal prison island of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay attracts more than a million visitors a year to its stark, rocky 25 acres. …(more)

San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf
Fisherman’s Wharf ranks among the most sought-after tourism venues in San Francisco. Almost every visitor wants to experience it, possibly encouraged by some word-of-mouth publicity from friends who have been there. Some visitors come to enjoy the heritage fishing fleet….(more)

San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences
“Let the wonder begin” is the marketing tag line used by the California Academy of Sciences, a major attraction in Golden Gate Park. The Academy of Sciences, with its aquarium, planetarium, rain forest enclosure, and numerous natural history displays excites major wonder about our natural world. …(more)

San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers
San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers is a lacy white glass confection from the Victorian era, continuing its mission to “connect people and plants in a place of exceptional beauty.” One aspect of that beauty today is the elaborate planting of colorful flower beds in front of the building. …(more)

San Francisco’s Chinatown
San Francisco’s exotic Chinatown is one of the larger Chinese enclaves outside of the Orient. Chinatown, though robust and vital today, is also a throwback to an earlier era, when the Chinese needed to form an insular community to survive and flourish when facing a hostile exterior white world….(more)

San Francisco’s CityPASS Booklet
If you plan to spend a long weekend or a week in San Francisco and wish to see the principal sights, the San Francisco CityPASS booklet can save you a lot of money and reduce your waiting time in lines. Patrons with a CityPASS go to the front of the…(more)

San Francisco’s de Young Museum
San Francisco’s grandest collection of worldwide fine art, spanning some 4,000 years, can be seen at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. …(more)

Local Attractions in San Francisco
San Francisco is one of the most recognizable cities in the world. It is also one of the most popular in terms of tourist attractions. When visiting the city there are many sights that range from historical to beautiful. The key to getting the most out of one’s trip to the City by the Bay is to know which locations should not be missed. This means understanding a little history and what to expect at the most frequented locations….(more)

San Francisco’s America’s Cup Yacht Race
Between July 4 and September 21, 2013, the world’s most spectacular yacht race, the America’s Cup, occurred on San Francisco Bay. For the first time ever, spectators on land saw these fastest-sailboats-in-the-world compete. …(more)

San Francisco’s Cable Cars
San Francisco’s Cable Cars offer both a fun and practical transportation possibility as you roam about the city. Chances are that you will want to do a Cable Car ride at some point during your visit….(more)

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge from the View Area
The iconic and much beloved Golden Gate Bridge ranks high on most visitor priority lists as a sight to see when visiting San Francisco. One of the best places for a first encounter with the Bridge is the View Area at the south end. …(more)

The Bay Lights Sculpture Illuminates the San Francisco Bay Bridge
If you’re visiting San Francisco between now and March 2015, be sure to enjoy a remarkable “light” sculpture that illuminates the west span of the Bay Bridge each night between dusk and 2 a.m. The new art installation is said to be the world’s largest light sculpture and is called…(more)

Exploratorium Interactive Science Museum Re-Opens on San Francisco’s Pier 15
San Francisco’s beloved interactive science museum, the Exploratorium, has re-opened in a new location on Pier 15. If you love science or have a sense of curiosity, the Exploratorium is an exciting place, both for adults and children….(more)

San Francisco’s Baker Beach
Baker Beach is one of the best-loved beaches in San Francisco. If you are looking for a beach experience, especially one with the Golden Gate Bridge as a scenic backdrop, then Baker Beach is a good choice….(more)


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