Lee Foster article on Monetization in magazine Independent
Lee Foster article on Monetization in magazine Independent

By Lee Foster

The magazine Independent has published a four-page article by me on “monetizing your writing/photo content.”

They have OKed the publishing on my site of this four-page PDF from their October 2017 issue.

They have also now put up on their website a link tot he article at


Independent is the monthly magazine of the IBPA, the Independent Book Publishers Association, http://www.ibpa-online.org/. IBPA is the lively, leading national voice of the growing independent publishing/self-publishing movement in the U.S., with about 3,000 small-and-medium-size publisher members, making it the largest publishing trade association in the U.S.

They announced my upcoming article on page 7 of their September issue, featuring the cover of my recent travel ebook SF Travel & Photo Guide: The Top 100 Travel Experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lee Foster article on Monetization in magazine Independent
Lee Foster article on Monetization in magazine Independent

The full title of the article is “Monetize Your Writing & Photo Content in 11 Steps.” Rather than recount the article, I encourage you to simply click into the PDF and download it if you wish.

Monetization is an important concept to me because I believe we should shape the publishing industry to be a profitable venture that would attract people of all ages. Publishing should be a way to make a living rather than just enjoy a hobby. At a time when the manipulation of content and opinion is so much in the news, it is important that publishing attract dedicated providers who will devote themselves to it for a long time.


I speak on “monetization” from time to time.

There is a good YouTube video done by Howard Slater of a talk I gave in August 2016 to BAIPA, the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, http://www.baipa.org. BAIPA is the leading self-publishing organization in my San Francisco Bay Area region, which is on the national forefront of independent publishing. The Bay Area’s prominence in all this cutting-edge publishing technology is to be expected when you consider that the Bay Area is the headquarters of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and LinkedIn, among others. See the video:

I also share with you the Powerpoint slide deck for the talk, which was titled “Monetizing Your Book Content.” See the Powerpoint here.

Monetizing is an ongoing and developing subject, requiring some agility of those who participate in modern publishing. Strategizing requires constant attention to the changing scene and an ability to comprehend the latest disruptive technology soon enough to use it advantageously.




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