Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe California
Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe California

By Lee Foster

My long love affair with Califia is well known to many of you.

She is an Amazon beauty, and is more than a figment of the imagination. She has so many lovely aspects.

Califia's golden locks
Califia’s golden locks

The great state of California is named after her.

She first appeared in a 16th century Spanish novel written by Garcia Rodriguez de Montalvo. The novel is The Adventures of Esplandián.

She gets some highly favorable press in Wikipedia. Some call her Calafia, but others prefer Califia. See


I met her at age 21 when I moved out to California from Minnesota.

I have been desiring her since then, and my ardor only grows.

Here are some of her more remarkable qualities, with my extended love letters as reference:

May I mention…

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-Her lovely long locks of golden hair, which a stylist once compared to shimmering October aspens.


-Her tall demeanor, tallest beauty ever, even without high heels.


-Her enduring beauty, ageless and for the ages.


-Her stormy moods, sometimes so appealing, when she is making waves.


-Her welcoming attitude, could easily accommodate millions at the dinner table.


-Her gem-like necklace city by the Bay, a charm.


-Her lonesome desert moments of reflection.


I could go on and on, but that is perhaps enough about Califia for one Valentine’s Day.

Califia has so enriched my life. Where would I be without her?

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe California
Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe California



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