Fine Art Photo Prints

Any of the photos on Lee Foster’s website can be purchased and used as fine art prints for décor or collector purposes.

Photos can be purchased as a print or as framed.

The price indicated below includes all costs: the print, the frame (as desired), the mailing of the art object to you, and the California Sales Tax, if applicable.

Fine art prints from Lee Foster’s photos are created by Pictopia, of Emeryville, California. Pictopia produces prints of the highest aesthetic and archival quality.

Fine art photo orders can be paid for with a credit card, by check, or to Lee Foster’s Paypal account ([email protected]). Email Lee Foster with your wishes and the arrangements can be made.

Prices are as follows:

8×10 prints $40, framed $80

11×14 prints $80, framed $160

16×20 prints $120, framed $240

Larger prints can be ordered. Discounts are given for quantity orders.


Lee Foster
Foster Travel Publishing
PO Box 5715
Berkeley, CA 94705
Fax 510/549-1131

Email [email protected]


Print out and mail or fax (to 510/549-1131) the form below to place an order. Or capture the form, fill it in, and email is back to Lee Foster. All orders will be personally checked and verified by Lee Foster before the print is made or the credit card is processed.

Order Form For Lee Foster’s Fine Art Photo Prints

Photo(s) Requested:

Size Requested:

Framed ?:

Total Payment: $___________________

Payment must be by check, credit card,
or Paypal (to [email protected]) at the time of order.
Lee will pay sales tax and shipping/handling.
Send Orders To:
Lee Foster
Foster Travel Publishing
PO Box 5715
Berkeley, CA 94705
Phone 510/549-2202
Fax 510/549-1131
Email: [email protected]
Send Fine Art Photo Prints To:







Credit Card Payment: Lee Foster will process

the payment through ProPay:

Type of Card (Visa and Mastercard only):

Name, first and last:

Expiration Date, month and year:

Amount Authorized: