Other Ways to Get Lee Foster’s Writing/Photography

In Print and On The Internet

Lee Foster publishes widely in magazines, newspapers, and various web situations. For all these publications, you need to be aware of the publication date for a print edition or the website url.

Lee Foster’s Books

Lee Foster’s writing and photography are available in print in eight books. The books can be ordered through normal bookstore channels or through Amazon. Lee can also ship autographed copies of the books. Payment must be made in advance by credit card, check, or by a payment to Lee’s Paypal account (to [email protected]). Use the direct secure server order form. Books can be autographed.

Lee’s newest book is a literary travel volume titled TRAVELS IN AN AMERICAN IMAGINATION: THE SPIRITUAL GEOGRAPHY OF OUR TIME. See the Press Release for details.
1. Lee Foster’s newest travel guidebook is NORTHERN CALIFORNIA HISTORY WEEKENDS (Globe Pequot, $15.95, ISBN 0-7267-1076-4).

This book describes 52 history weekends in Northern California, plus Lee’s suggestions for a good dining and lodging experience on each trip. The book considers the appropriate time of year for various trips and projects a clockwise sequence of outings, starting in the San Francisco region, then exploring north, east, and south. This book won a Lowell Thomas Award for guidebooks.

The book can be directly seen on Amazon at Northern California History Weekends

The overall place on Amazon at which to get travel guidebooks is Travel Guidebooks
2. One of Lee Foster’s guidebooks is ADVENTURE GUIDE TO NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ($15.95, Hunter Publishing, ISBN 1-55650-821-2). That book is available at major book stores, and at Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com, plus directly as an autographed copy from the author.

The direct Amazon link is Adventure Guide To Northern California
3. Other books by Lee Foster are available directly from the author.

These books are:

MAKING THE MOST OF THE PENINSULA: A CALIFORNIA GUIDE TO SAN MATEO, SANTA CLARA, AND SANTA CRUZ COUNTIES (Tioga Publishers, 1989). This is a detailed book on the Silicon Valley region south of San Francisco. $9.95.

SAN FRANCISCO AND NORTHERN CALIFORNIA (World of Travel, 1989). A survey guidebook on Northern California. $9.95.
BACKYARD FARMING (Chronicle Books, 1982). The rationale and practicalities of producing food, especially vegetables, ambitiously and organically, in a tight urban environment, as the author did during the energy crunch era of the 1970s-early 1980s. $6.95.

THE MESSAGE OF APRIL FOOLS (Pacific Coast Publishers, 1970). A novel about being young on the home front in the Vietnam War era. $9.95.
JUST 25 CENTS AND THREE WHEATIES BOXTOPS (Pacific Coast Publishers, 1970). A writing/photography memoir about growing up in a Minnesota America at mid-century. $9.95.

Books can be ordered direct from a secure server at this website.