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Lee Foster offers you over 250 worldwide travel articles and weekly blog postings on this website.

The articles are essence-of-the-destination write-ups that convey the special qualities of the destination and assist you in travel planning. They are designed to be perennial rather than highly topical.  

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Lee’s weekly blog offering is sometimes like a small article. It is often a more casual, shorter, and sometimes more timely comment on a subject than Lee’s typical longer articles. Some blogs become starting points for later articles or are incorporated into articles as elements.

The Most Recent Article is featured on the opening page at, usually along with a photo or slideshow.

Click on the word Articles in the black navigation bar to see the distribution of subjects. Lee’s home San Francisco/Northern California area has the largest number of articles for a single area. Mouse-over the categories, after a click, and you will see how they are broken up. The Western States category include all the 13 western states beyond California. On the black navigation bar, under Introduction, you can see a menu-like presentation of all the articles and a sitemap-style list.

You can Search Lee’s Writings for article subjects (see the right side of this page). That works fairly well, except that it sometimes shows subjects not useful. If you want to see Seattle articles, type Seattle in Search and up come the Seattle articles.  However, because the Las Vegas article happens to talk about a glass artist from Seattle, who has a prominent glass feature in a hotel, Las Vegas also comes up in your Seattle search. The Search can be helpful, but is not always useful.

The articles and blogs can easily be printed out for you to take with you. They can be emailed to a friend. You can comment on them and Lee Foster will respond.

Lee hopes these articles will enhance your travel experiences, whether you are an active traveler or an armchair adventurer.

You can direct questions to Lee Foster, [email protected], 510-549-2202.