Travel Photos

Lee Foster offers 7,000 digitally-ready photos for your enjoyment and possible licensed use, whether you are a consumer or an editor/commercial buyer.

The photo presentation is carefully coordinated between this home website for Foster Travel Publishing at and Lee’s dedicated photo-selling site on Photoshelter at

The strip of photos at the top of this page is a small sample of what Lee offers. Each article posting of this website may include photos or slideshows of photos, all of which can be licensed by a consumer or an editor/commercial buyer. The photos are also available as prints or as products, such as notecards.

Consumers can get a Personal Use License for only $20/photo, allowing multiple possible uses of a photo, such as in a blog, website, and book.

Editors can license Lee’s photos for republishing in print or Internet situations. Lee can empower editors to do their own hi-res downloads as his Trusted Clients, paying up later, only when use is confirmed. Be in touch with Lee on such details.

The photo possibilities can be seen at:

The process for licensing is discussed in more detail as Photos

For Editorial/Commercial Licensing

For Consumer Prints/Products


For Consumer Personal Licenses

Questions can be direct to Lee Foster, [email protected], 510-549-2202.