Chile wine country touring near Santiago can include a visit to the Maipo Valley, with stops at Vina Concha y Toro and at Vina Undurraga. Cabernet is the specialty, with Carmenere as the exotic wine of the area.
Easter Island, off the coast of Chile, presents haunting sculptures, called moai, that celebrated ancestors and became a symbol of local pride. The island, called Rapa Nui, saw a collapse of its human culture because the building of these sculptures eventually degraded the environment.
Many potential travelers yearn to see and understand what a tropical rain forest is all about. Small nature-oriented cruise ships offer a way to visit the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica's west coast, including Curu, Corcovado, Manuel Antono, and Cano Island.
The Galapagos Islands, 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, offer encounters with wildlife and a walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, who formulated his theory of evolution after experiences here.
Cheese lovers enjoy Netherlands or Dutch cheeses in Amsterdam at cheese shops, such as Kef's. Then they visit cheese markets in Alkmaar and Gouda, tasting Edam and Gouda. Visit also the Clara Maria farm to see how cheese is made.
The story of America's special contribution to world architecture--the skyscraper--can best be seen in Chicago, Illinois. Frank Lloyd Wright's innovative houses in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park are another aspect of Chicago's architectural genius.