Increasingly, a travel consumer will need to react to the concept of “green” when traveling in 2008.
I am reminded of how some of our favorite travel destinations are celebrated for their relatively changeless year-round pattern (Hawaii is the classic example) and how others (such as Washington DC) offer a major seasonal variation in travel experience.
A travel trend we are all experiencing continues to advance: many kids in the U.S. are now growing up with virtually no experience of nature and the outdoors.
I realize you may consider this a ghoulish exercise, but I am writing to request your assistance in preparing my obituary. I wish to get my affairs in order.
I hope the traveling public will show a measured response of respect and skepticism to the new "carbon offset" presentations about travel products.
I was struck this week by the vastness and prosperity of the cruise industry. I have been following cruising for some time and have a dozen cruise articles on