I doubt that we comprehend at all the vast implications of much higher gas prices on travel.
Rice Paddy Terraces, Terraced Rice Field and Newly Planted Rice in Bali, Indonesia

Travel and Hunger

The world will be a slightly edgier place this year for people who travel abroad. There is an invisible stress on the faces of everyone. The issue is world food prices, up perhaps 40% in the last year.
The ongoing tribal struggles in Kenya have had a devastating effect on Kenyans and on potential world travelers because safari travel has slowed. One can only hope that the situation will improve.
Young couple on Beach at Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii

Maui For Romance

I recently attended a press briefing in San Francisco regarding Maui and its immediate neighbor, Molokai, in Hawaii. Maui is an important place in the Hawaii travel picture. I have a robust article on Maui. My most recent article on Hawaii is about the lovely and little visited Molokai.
The experience a traveler can expect to have at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida continues to improve.
Increasingly, a travel consumer will need to react to the concept of “green” when traveling in 2008.