What I found on Molokai pleasantly exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed two nights of kupuna, or elders, entertainment by the local people with ukuleles, song, and hula at the Molokai Hotel (every Friday night) and at Molokai Ranch.
I am fortunate to live in Berkeley, CA, next door to a noted artist, Jesse Allen. This past weekend I went into San Francisco to see Jesse's new show, at Chandler Fine Art, 170 Minna.
There is an optimistic feeling in the Bay Area of CA that we can solve our major world problems through technological innovation.
I was reminded of the joy of living in a great urban cultural center, the San Francisco Bay Area, when I went in to see the new "Picasso and American Art" show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
I had an opportunity this past weekend to serve for the 12th time as faculty on the Society of American Travel Writers' annual Institute For Travel Writing and Photography.
Watching airplanes land and take off at Gravelly Point/Roaches Run near Washington National Airport

Air Flight Delays

Over the New Year I had an opportunity to experience just how vulnerable airline travel is to the weather.