How to Purchase a $20 Personal Use License for one of Lee Foster’s 7,000 Photos

An inexpensive Personal Use License may be appropriate for your needs as you consider Lee Foster’s photos. Personal Use Licenses are quite economical, only $20 regardless of file size download.

It is recommended that you download a hi-res version of the photo file size for your use. Rest assured that you have a legal license. Download a lo-res for your immediate needs and be assured that Lee Foster ([email protected]) will assist you later to download the hi-res if there are glitches.

What is a Personal Use license? You may have many uses in mind, now and later, all covered by your secure license, such as:

-Use the photo in your blog, your website, in your book, even your book cover
-Use the photo in school or education projects, for you and your household (but not beyond your household)
-Make your own photo prints or cards for personal use and personal gifts (but not beyond for commercial sale)

All of Lee’s 7,000 photos are available to a consumer for a Personal Use License at Lee’s PhotoShelter site at

How will you see the photos and move one to a Shopping Cart?

Go to the site and Search for a photo you like. Search for polar bears. Golden Gate Bridge, Easter Island, Washington DC, anything you like. Locate a photo, click on it to enlarge, and if you like it move it with Add to Cart.

Note that there are three tabs, which are Prints, Products, and Downloads.

Prints is for prints of images, such as an 11×14 print that you could frame.

Products includes many options, such as a coffee mug or a dozen greeting cards with the photo on it.

Downloads is what you want for a Personal Use License. Downloads serves your need for a Persona Use license and the needs of Editorial/Commercial buyers.

The Editorial/Commercial License does not generally apply to a consumer. That license is for content buyers who want to publish photos in magazines, newspapers, books (beyond an Author’s own books), and for other commercial uses, such as advertising, commercial websites, brochures, commercial products, and commercial decor by an interior designer (beyond your Personal decor use, such as a photo you would print to put up on your wall).