How to Arrange Editorial/Commercial Licenses for Lee Foster’s 7,000 Photos

Editors/Commercial Buyers wishing to license Lee Foster’s rights-managed photos for republishing or other commercial uses can do so at Lee’s PhotoShelter site at

The process is quite simple and smooth for the 7,000 photos available.

Editors/buyers can Search the site for appropriate photos, or they can have Lee Search it for them.

The editor/buyer needs to register on the site. Most are already in the PhotoShelter ecosystem, which applies to this and all PhotoShelter sites. There is no cost or obligation to register as a photo buyer. The same registration can be used on all PhotoShelter sites. Once registered, the editor/buyer can make a gallery or see a gallery that Lee makes and sends.   

Lee is happy to assist photo editors/buyers in their searches and in the making of galleries. Galleries are more useful than lightboxes because there can be batch downloads from galleries.

Editors/buyers can arrange photo licenses without any contact with Lee. Editors can look at individual photos and put them in the Shopping Cart and check out, paying with a credit card for the use indicated.  Lee’s automatic price is set at a percentage of fotoQuote. 

However, most editors/buyers prefer to work in a more personal way with Lee. Make contact with Lee ([email protected]), arrive at an understanding on price, and Lee can set you up as a Trusted Client. This gives you the privilege of downloading a hi-res of anything at any time. Lee sees the download. Lee and the editor/buyer can keep in email contact as the photo goes through the selection process. When and only when the buyer confirms that the photo will be used, the payment is due. An invoice can be generated, as needed. Payments can be made to Lee’s PayPal account at [email protected] or sent as a check to Foster Travel Publishing, 1623 Martin Luther King, Berkeley, CA 94709.

An editor/buyer who is a Trusted Client can do a hi-res download by clicking on any thumbnail to see the photo enlarged. Above the enlarged photo and to the left is Download. 

If there are any questions, contact Lee at [email protected], 510-549-2202.