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An Author’s Perspective in Independent Publishing: Why Self-Publishing May Be Your Best Option


Lee Foster has published a book guiding authors who want to participate in the independent publishing movement.

After completing 16 books with traditional publishers, why did Lee switch to producing four books “independently” published or “indie?”

Why does he now recommend this path for most authors? The book describes Lee’s advice on the publishing of printed books (print-on-demand), ebooks, books-as-websites, apps, and audiobooks.

The book is titled An Author’s Perspective on Independent Publishing: Why Self-Publishing May Be Your Best Option.

The book can be seen on Amazon and in all the other viable print book/ebook vendors.

The book is both Lee’s author journey in this gradual transition from traditional to indie publishing and a practical how-to guide for authors who may wish to follow a parallel path.

Self-publishing is now an ascending practice and will continue to thrive, in Lee’s assessment of the current market.

More and more Authors are pursuing the independent publishing dream. Technological developments make “indie” publishing more plausible with each passing year. Increasing market access for indie Authors continues to erode the dominance that traditional publishers once offered.

The book covers the logical subjects that developed in Lee Foster’s practices, as the table of contents suggests:

  1. How Traditional Publishing Worked (and Sometimes Still Works)
  2. Why Independent Publishing, Also Known As Self-Publishing, Arose
  3. Why Independent Publishing Today and Tomorrow May Be Your Most Viable Option
  4. Your Print-on-Demand Book
  5. Your Ebook Distribution
  6. Your Book Content as a Website Book/Blog, Funded Partly by Advertising
  7. Your Social Media Outreach
  8. Your Book Marketing Strategy
  9. Your Need for Quality Design in Independent Publishing
  10. Your Book’s Possible Specialized Adaptations, such as an Audiobook, Chinese Translation, and App

Many modern Authors are restless with their traditional publishing options. They may find some comfort in the self-publishing trajectory described in this book. Lee Foster had a positive experience with his traditional publishing partnerships in the past. It’s just that with all the new opportunities, indie seems much more appealing to him.

ISBN for printed book 978-0-9760843-4-1

ISBN for ebook 978-0-9760843-6-5

This book/ebook is listed on Lee Foster’s Amazon Author Page and can be order at independent book stores from Ingram through Indiebound.



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