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Northern California Travel: The Best Options


Lee Foster’s most detailed Northern California guidebook is Northern California Travel: The Best Options.

What are the best travel options to explore when contemplating Northern California? Lee Foster has spent more than 40 years refining the answers, looking at both nature/outdoors and cultural/historical subjects.

Lee’s 30 chapters in this book guide consumers to use wisely their most precious commodity—their time. All of the major travel regions in Northern Caifornia are described in detail.

All of the subjects in the book can also be Searched on Lee’s website at www.fostertravel.com to see if there are specialized articles with even more depth about a sub-subject in one of the travel regions.

Northern California is Lee’s favorite place worldwide and his home. The goal of this book is to provide an enjoyable and insightful read for the armchair traveler and a practical plan for actual trips.

Lee has personally visited each of the places and lived out the experiences that he recommends.

He becomes your “personal travel concierge” with the distilled essence of this destination.

The printed book/ebook can be ordered on Amazon and in all the other viable book/ebook distributors.

One interesting aspect of this book is that it is also translated into Chinese and available as a Chinese language book. The Chinese version is even presented on Lee’s USA Amazon Author Page (see immediately below).

ISBN 978-0976084396

This book/ebook/Chinese translation is listed on Lee Foster’s Amazon Author Page and can be order at independent book stores from Ingram through Indiebound.



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