Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Copyright Notice

By Lee Foster

This is a page on the terms of service, privacy policy, copyright notice, warranty, and liability details for my website https://www.fostertravel.com, owned and created by me, Lee Foster.

As far as I am aware, my site engages in best practices and is totally compliant with all laws and regulations as set forth by the European Union, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and by the United States.

Your privacy is of major concern to me, so this site collects very little private information on you and uses it only as you direct. We ask for your “first name or name” and your “email” when you sign up to receive the weekly announcement of my latest blog post, when you leave a comment for an article, and when you contact me with a question. That’s it. If you subscribe to receive my weekly blog notice, you can always unsubscribe. You can always remove your comment, or your name or email from your comment. Just email me the request. I don’t share this information with others.

Beyond that, Google Analytics is applied to this site, and probably to most of the other sites that you visit on the Internet. Google does collect various info, which I see in an aggregated rather than individual manner. The Google info includes what articles are read, where the readers are in the world, and what brought them to my site (perhaps “Organic Search” or some referrer). I have no control over Google Analytics and how they operate.

Google AdSense Ads on this site and other sites you visit may be collecting information on your interests, etc. I have no access to or control over Google’s AdSense’s operation.

I deliberately do not engage in commerce on this site, leaving the selling of my books and ebooks to others, such as Amazon, Apple, etc. With no commerce, there is little need to collect private information on you.

My site does have some “affiliate links” that may benefit me when you leave from my site and go to Amazon or Booking.com, as examples. The affiliate link keeps track that you came from my site to their entity. When you purchase something in that session, I may receive some small “affiliate fee” for directing you to the entity.

Copyright Notice: Keep in mind that all this writing/photo content is my copyrighted material (and is periodically Registered with the Library of Congress). I present the content on this website for your personal use. Any further use, in any way, commercial or otherwise, requires a license from me, or will be deemed a violation of my copyright.

No Warranty: Travel is a complicated, changing, and sometimes risky experience. Every effort has been made to present information and insight that is correct and reasonable at the time of writing or update. The information and insight in my articles is presented “as is” and is not warranted to be correct for the future. Please alert me to any data or observation that could be improved. You agree to indemnify me and hold me harmless from any claims or costs resulting from your use of my “as is” articles.

Exclusion of Liability: Travel requires common-sense personal behavior and responsibility. In travel thre is always some risk and possible disappointment. Please understand that though I write about subjects, I can’t be liable for unfortunate things that might happen on a particular trip, such as a novovirus outbreak on a cruise ship or a terrorism incident in London.

Your use of my website signals agreement with my terms of service, conditions, privacy policy, copyright notice, no warranty/indemnity, and exclusion of liability. If you are not in agreement, please cease to use my website.

I am the responsible party for my website and all the writing/photography on the website.

My contact information is:

Lee Foster
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