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The ongoing tribal struggles in Kenya have had a devastating effect on Kenyans and on potential world travelers because safari travel has slowed. One can only hope that the situation will improve.

I went in today and touched up my major Kenya coverage, titled Kenya’s Wildlife Heritage, which may be the longest and most thorough of all my 200 worldwide coverages on my website.

Travel to Kenya to see the magnificent wildlife was one of the the major and most satisfying experiences in my entire life of travel. Take a look at the article.

I touched up the article to put in more warnings: when tribal struggles rise, safari travel needs to be postponed until it is safe.

However, when a major tour operator says it is safe, do go. They tend to know their business and headlines in the news may not reflect the safari experience in the field

It is said that about five million Kenyans depend on safari visitors for their livelihoods. The safari visitor can postpone a visit, but the local Kenyan will starve, meanwhile.

Suppressing tribal and ethnic passions has been one of the great achievements of modern Kenya. However, when those passions erupt, it is a tragic day for all parties.


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