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by Lee Foster

The parade of travel apps now available to the public continues to increase in the Apple iTunes App Store. I have just released a new title for travelers and photographers interested in Washington, DC. The title is Washington DC Travel Photo Guide.

Here is the announcement:

300-washdcappcoverLee Foster has released his second travel app in the Apple iTunes App Store. The title is DC Travel Photo Guide ($1.99). The direct link into the app store is The app, viewable on iPhones, assists users to create and collect their own postcard-perfect photos and memories of Washington, DC. Lee presents his top 100 views of the nation’s capital, from vistas to iconic details, and shows the user how to duplicate them. The app has Lee’s comments on how to make the photo and why the view is significant, making this app both a travel and a photo guide. Interactive maps show what photos/views can be savored in a given neighborhood. Lee’s first app title was San Fran Photography Guide. The direct link:

More detail on the Washington, DC, app can be seen in the App Store write-up:

Viewing and photographing the icons of Washington, DC, is high on the list of many Americans and world travelers who come to the U.S. Capital. Where should you go, and when, to get the best views and save them on your camera? Maybe you photograph with a mobile phone. Maybe you are a dedicated pro with your SLR camera and a tripod. Maybe you just record the view in your mind and want to know more about the edifice you are seeing. This app assists all who want to experience and photograph Washington, DC.

Award-winning travel photographer Lee Foster shows you his 100 top views of Washington, DC, in this travel photo guide. He indicates exactly where to stand, and you can verify with the accompanying map that you are in the right place. He notes what time of day is best. He explains the significance of the site, making this both a travel and photo guide. He gives tips on photo techniques for special situations, such as shooting fireworks on the 4th of July.

Foster presents all the views alphabetically, so you can go immediately to the subject of your interest, perhaps the White House. He also organizes all entries by “neighborhood,” such as The Mall, so you can see all the options in one area. Finally, he alerts you to concept “groups,” such as Seasonal, which acquaint you with year-around possibilities, including the Cherry Blossom Festival of early April and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in June.

Use this app to make your visit to Washington, DC, memorable. With this app you will be assured that you can view and photograph all of the exceptional sites in this remarkable city.

About the Author:

Lee Foster is an award-winning travel photographer/writer. His work has won seven Lowell Thomas Awards, the highest awards in travel journalism. He was named Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year, Silver Winner. Lee also has another app, similar to this one, titled San Francisco Photography Guide, that you might enjoy.

See over 200 of Lee Foster’s worldwide travel writing/photo coverages on his website at Lee has photos in more than 225 Lonely Planet travel guidebooks. He has published writing/photography in almost all the major travel magazines and newspapers. His dedicated photo selling site is at

Lee lives in Berkeley, California. His favorite subjects are Northern California and Washington DC.

The end

I wonder how many travel apps will be available in another year or so. Some interesting apps I have donwloaded are highly speciaized and useful, such as one on Chinatown San Francisco, which I look forward to using as a guide during my next foray into that area of San Francisco. Other apps are more encyclopedic and ambitious. There is no single pattern about what makes a successful app.



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