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The simple joy of a Cable Car ride in San Francisco is something every visitor should consider.
The California gray whale, art, and the ecological consciousness of the state can be enjoyed along the preserved Northern California Mendocino coast.
Alice Waters remains a presiding spirit over Berkeley’s celebrated Gourmet Ghetto, where I happen to live. But there are newcomers also who enliven the scene.
My annual revision of my book on self-publishing highlights major developments in this past year. Immerse yourself in my report on these observations to catch up on the publishing scene.
As I update this chapter on Oakland in my book Northern California History Weekends, I see how this great city preserves the legacy of its favorite literary native son and enlivens the downtown with new energy, such as a new Cuban restaurant.
The great museums of Northern California have two new enticements begging for your attention. The newly reopened SFMOMA San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has been rebuilt to accommodate the donated Fisher Collection, with its many modern masterpieces. And the new BAMPFA Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, in Berkeley, sparkles with innovation.