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All year, Chinatown San Francisco presents an intriguing and exotic walk for any visitor to the city. A January-February visitor will be especially fortunate. The celebration of the Chinese New Year includes cheerful urban cacophony of unparalleled dimension.
A reader recently asked me for a short explanation of my main books, indicating: What is this book about, why did you write this book, and how is this book produced and marketed? Here is my answer, "A Tale of Eight Books."
A relatively new art form now proliferates in San Francisco. It is called "light art," meaning the use of light to create art sculptures, at night, with the City as the dark canvas. Light art has become a major form of artistic expression in San Francisco in recent years.
I have published a detailed article about writer/author monetization in the new “self-publishing” era.
The spirit of Billy Ralston is one of the best introductions to San Mateo County, the strip of land immediately south of San Francisco.
I am out shooting for the moon, chasing the joy and beauty to be found in modern life in Oakland CA, as I watch from a public sidewalk on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay the Supermoon (11-14-16) make its occasional close appearance (back again 2034), passing over the lovely new east tower of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.